WORX Hydroshot 20V Power Cleaner Kit

WORX Hydroshot 20V Power Cleaner Kit

For anyone interested, Worx has an eBay store and are selling manufacturer refurbs of this item for $42 with free shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WG625-20V-MaxLithium-Hydroshot-Cordless-Portable-Power-Cleaner/392304366062

That’s not the same product. It’s a different model number, and It doesn’t include any most of the accessories in this kit. By the time you get done buying all the accessories on their own, you’ll be over $90.

On eBay, here is the model Woot is offering today ($56), but again, without accessories: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WORX-WG629-20V-Maxlithium-Powershare-Hydroshot-DIY-Portable-Power-Cleaner/254112197690


Bought this on a previous Wooting, and while I haven’t used it much yet — just cleaned my balcony a little and my patio umbrella, so far I’m pretty pleased.

Being an apartment-dweller, the big appeal for me is the fact that you can just drop the hose in any water source (e.g., bucket) and you’re good to go.

It’s not a “power washer.” It doesn’t have the power to blast clean the oil from your driveway. But it’s great for small jobs and car washing.

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Been using for a Couple weeks now. Use it at a camp without electricity, so it’s great not needing a generator. It is not a power washer that will take paint off, but works great to clean things that accumulate dirt and grime. Our plastic pedal boat hadn’t been cleaned in 15 years and this took care of it. Sides and awning of travel trailer. Outdoor kitchen stuff. Made very quick work of it. Used lake water directly and from a bucket. Will also let you use a 2 liter soda bottle to be completely hose / cord free if you want that convenience. One battery will run it about 15 minutes. Really like it.


OK I admit I didn’t read the entire description, but can this also attach to a Hose bib for constant water?

the user manual is there, it looks like you can remove the male quick-connect fitting (orange bit in front of handle)from the unit and that will expose 3/4" thread.

Most corded electric power washers I’ve seen seem to be in the 1400-1800 PSI range. Is there a technical explanation as to how one such as this, which tops out at a mere 320 PSI, is remotely comparable?

It’s comparable only in the fact that 320 is a lot less than 1500, or the 3300 on my gas washer.
It’s a glorified hose nozzle, but if I can have a moderately more powerful hose nozzle to quickly wash my boat, or quickly wash my deck(guess my boat has decks too), it’s better than not using my gas powered because it’s cumbersome to drag out.
The general order of operations for power tools is Gas>corded>cordless…but a cordless you can use quickly is better than a gas/corded that you never take out.

(I would also offer that I never use my gas washer to clean the decks of my boat, or my car etc as 3300 psi blows the paint off of just about anything. I have a foam cannon for my car, but that basically de-powers the gas washer down to nothing).