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Welcome to the WowWee Robosapien topic page for Tuesday, February 8th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


Still waiting for cheap scanner!
I offer you kittens!


[size=30][color=darkred:7cd142c319]YAY[/color][/size][color=black:7cd142c319][size=25:7cd142c319]I [/size:7cd142c319][/color]AM [size=15:7cd142c319][color=cyan:7cd142c319]SECOND[/color][/size:7cd142c319]!!
[size=16:7cd142c319][color=orange:7cd142c319]BOO YAH![/color][/size:7cd142c319]
[size=25:7cd142c319]I [/size:7cd142c319]AM A [size=24:7cd142c319][color=red:7cd142c319]HAX0R[/color][/size:7cd142c319]!!! :smiley: :smiley:


I am 3rd, did I win a prize?

Domoarigato Mr. Roboto- his brain is IBM.


[size=24:00ebb0ea03]First page, anyway…

Kittens, huh? How about this?



ok i shouldn’t have stayed up for this

and now for something completely different…


first page!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:


Hi Pop!?!


first page woot!






oh my god.,. this is that one “50 DOLLAR ROBOSABIAN” guys dream!

[color=red:2d49658d61]join the 140 woot users that are also getting free crap![/color]
crap = ipods, tvs and more… dont miss out! 8)

sorry, you might have to register to see the forums… but if it works anyway… check out the top one for “new users”


Hi Pop!?!

I got one of these for my b-day in Dec and i have had a lot of fun with it…They must have made a ton of these for the xmas rush last year…i remember seeing them everywhere for like $79…not a bad price for last year’s toy :twisted:


Woot! First page on my first try! :stuck_out_tongue:


[size=24:3ab78a1359][color=blue:3ab78a1359]WOOT TIME = UPDATES![/color]
todays woot too pricey? well how bout a $1.50 Wireless B PC Card for Latops? Check out the link in the update![/size:3ab78a1359]


WOW! good price!


first page???


1st page


wooty mantra



Actually, this is all a fiendish experiment to see how much abuse users will take from software before they go stark, raving mad!