Yeti USB Microphone

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**Item: **Yeti USB Microphone
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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The editors at gave this 5 out of 5 stars

I couldn’t possibly recommend this more, absolutely love it! Bought it probably 6 months ago on woot and it has been extremely reliable for me and because of its amazing range I save money on not buying “gamer” headphones that always have a mediocre microphone that always breaks and forces me to buy more gamer headsets… spend the money on a nice pair of AKC headphones with no mic and buy this if you are a gamer like me…

I bought this mic last time it was on woot. I make music and do game commentary on YouTube. This sucker is amazing! The quality is tremendous. I have several high-end microphones around the studio, but the Yeti’s price and quality is crazy.

Excellent review! Probably one of the best video reviews I’ve watched in a long time. Thank you.

great mic for the price, however it’s impractical for anything but commentary or voice over work.

Definitely get one or two especially if you do voiceover, commentary, or a podcast. Any kind of vocal work, even if just taking digital notes of a roundtable meeting, and these will do you more than fine.

Quality is amazing. Can’t recommend enough. Also, the price is right. I paid $120 per for both of mine about a year ago.

Damn it, I just paid full price a couple weeks ago on Amazon. Great mic, will pick up a lot of ambient noise though, so you are going to need to run noise filter in software if you don’t have the most acoustic friendly room.
Mute button doesn’t work well on mine, seems like you have to push it just right. And the volume knob is flimsy and wiggles around.
Just feels weird to have the interface be so flimsy in an otherwise incredibly solid and heavy mic.
Seriously, you could probably kill a man with this thing.
Works with Ubuntu as well as win and Mac.

Man, that is a nice deal. I purchased a Blu Snowball 6 months back, and absolutely love it. And here is the Yeti, an upgrade on the Snowball, for about the same price I payed!

I use my Blu microphone for role playing games, skype calls, and gaming, and the quality compared to other USB mics or headsets is just night and day. Even if you’re not a home studio sort, I would still recommend a Blu microphone (they look pretty cool too.)

I bought the Pro last time it was on woot. So far I love it, but just an FYI incase this is the same as my Pro… It will very regularly stop working if it’s plugged into a USB 3.0 port. Works flawlessly through 2.0 for me, haven’t tried the other XLR cord yet.

I rarely take the time to comment on a product unless it really sucks, but I’m going to make an exception here. I bought this Yeti microphone several months ago and it has been nothing but amazing! I wonder how I could have possibly lived without it for so long. One thing, however, is that it picks up EVERYTHING! So, if it’s sitting on the desktop and you’re typing on your keyboard, it will pick up the sound of every keystroke. Invest in a good mic stand.

Is this worthwhile for vlogging? I don’t need something like a shotgun mike for mobile video capture.

99 cents cheaper with free shipping at BH Photo/ Video

$0.99 cheaper on Amazon and is Prime eligible.

Would this work for recording a choir practice in a church? Also, how would it do with recording a vocalist?

No comment from Woot ?

I bought the Yeti from Amazon three years ago, and it has been awesome. I’ve used it for recording speech as well as vocals, and it seems to pick up instruments fairly well also. It also works well as a mic for voice chat in games and such.

I’ve used this mic without problems on both Windows and Linux systems. No need to configure or install anything – it just works.

This deal is definitely worth it, but as someone else noted, you can also buy it from Amazon right now for 99 cents less, and with free shipping.