Your Encounters With Near-Greatness:


We all have our stories of chance meetings with glamorous movers and shakers, heads of state or runners-up of American Idol. Sure, meeting the Pope, the President or even Clay Aiken is generally considered a great honor, but it doesn’t make for very interesting conversation during happy hour. Share with us instead, your encounters with those lesser known celebrities…the ones who may still have at least five minute of fame coming to them.


I touched Boy George’s toe.


I guess we know which kingsteel this is!


That josephus is one sick cat.


gatzby once replied to my pm. A friend of mine said he met sting in the bathroom , the wrestler not the singer.


Hope he didn’t get beat up for looking at him funny. I have met a city council member!!!

most exciting was the encounter with myself at 1000 posts now on


Got you beat! I have a PM from both Gatzby AND Matthew!


I know it’s a (semi) big deal, but I met Richard Hamilton (you know, the nascar guy) - I used to date his daughter, actually. Heh.


I met Mark Cuban (who no one likes) and most of the Maverick Players. Even had drinks with them at their special bar.


too much!! no comparison with greatness.


I met Sammy Swindell.

and Joe Sakic!

One day, y’all will get to claim you know me! :wink:


:omg: What type of special bar was it? :tongue:


everyone has a hangout, and they have one. Prolly sold alcohol.



I met the guys from Milli Vanilli before they were exposed as frauds.
EDIT: Oh, and for all you seventies/eighties girls, I also met Leif Garrett and his Mom and sister.


Got you beat! I got a PM from dontwantaname!


I’ve got you all beat. While in Tampa a while back, I met The Man himself going into the supermarket.


I met John Madden. Even had dinner with him once.


Julio Iglesias once grabbed my butt.

Barry Manilow caressed my husband’s neck


Nah, You are joking. I don’t believe you.

D’name said she saw Leonard Nimoy.