I'm new to woot!




Hi, welcome to woot!


Hi Zilla…
Check out some of the threads, there are lots of nice people here.

We always welcome new wooters!


Welcome Zilla! I’ll post a welcome sign when I’m back to being myself again!


welcome to the club…

it’s only a matter of time before you become a post whore…


Welcome. Please, feel free to drop a post in PWA and Misfits anytime. Just be cautious of the initiation process. :tongue:


brownie, shame on you…don’t scare Zilla away!!


You can post to any of many threads here which all have the same conversations going on by the same people, it’s like AIM w/o the download.


Duneland has been talking to Gman!

Hi Duneland, you sound like you have been lurking. Welcome to you too.


Hullo . . . I’m cranky or mean or drunk . . . ask name (d’name) . . . she has me all figured out.

<snerk, chortle, guffaw> dammmm, this is fun.


Go back and do your research. I only called you cranky!
Ace called you drunk. (not really, but she came the closest.
OK, I do remember calling you harsh when you said something to someone new.
I do not remember ever calling you mean.
Cranky, not mean, or drunk.


Hi Zilla. :slight_smile:

One warning: Stay away from the bad apples…they’ll make you do bad things.

*Points to slbrown and dontwannaname


Your twins are on A&E.

Is it worth watching The Shining for the first time with commercials. I bet it has been cut too.


I’m not a bad apple; I just came from a stereotyped and subjugated tree . . .


Poor Zilla!!!
acemom pets Zilla’s head
Pay no attention to those silly people.
Come over to PWA or any of the other threads!
Sadly, Dont will grill you to find out about you, just be prepared!!



I don’t research; I call 'em as I see 'em . . . and if I don’t see 'em, I make 'em up.

Just like Yankee umpires.


Mets fan. Try that one on Gimma, or maybe pblgov.


Can’t. Don’t is out playing with her new dog.


Good year to be a Mets fan.


Not so much lurking. I feel like all you guys know eachother so well and I’m an outsider. I read a lot of comments you guys write to eachother that I, and probally others, are not privy to the back story.