You know woot has become real life when . . .


. . . we chat only when certain people are around . . .


you worry about people and their families and you couldn’t even ID these people in a line up!


doesn’t make you any less real . . .


so who must be around for you to chat?


With the exception of t’girl and zilla, I couldn’t identify anyone here in a crowd of one - pictures of y’all notwithstanding . . .


Somebody . . . almost anybody . . .


But there has to be some kind of a topic. Even blathering.


If everyone waits for everyone else to say something, no one says anything . . . that’s why I blather . . .


so then it’s ok when i say stupid things?


Why do you think what you say is stupid?


because sometimes i get told that.


Well, that’s a stupid thing to think!! :tongue:


you’re co-ol. this place has been eye opening for me. from meeting the brothers and other people to losing someone that i care about so much! it’s hard to imagine that you can come to feel that way about someone and never even know them face to face.


People that you might not pay any attention to otherwise. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to know what people look like.


But nothing happened today to me to mention. I suppose I could post that sentence, but…


I understand your position . . . I love this place and feel I have a real (if not physical/personal/corporeal) relationship with everyone here.


Another reason why I blather . . .


maybe…i’m an eye person myself. when i meet someone that’s what i look at…their eyes. don’t get me wrong cause i think men like antonio banderas and brad pitt are gorgeous but i also think a guy like jason alexander (george costanza from seinfeld) is hot too. his eyes tell a lot about him. he smiles with them :slight_smile:


First thing I look at when meeting someone is their eyes . . . there’s a reason they’re called the windows to the soul.


don’t laugh but i have to go sit outside and cry for a while. i really miss him a lot! and i know we were not healthy for each other but i can’t help it.

talk to you all later! bro g…this was a good topic for sure :slight_smile: makes me feel more sane to know others feel this is real! give yourself a hug for me will ya!