PWA: Moving On Up to the Eastside


to a deeeluxe apartment in the skyyyyy!

Countdown: Less than one month.



1st page!
edit: 1st post, 3 for 3!


I suggest you go out and buy a lottery ticket or two.


Cruuuzer, we’re home!


and give me half of your winnings.


No kidding, or find a hobby other than refreshing the forum page.


easy now, Post Tart.


Ms. C,
Karate Broccoli has the speed of a vegetable!


First page, I’ve always wanted to say it!

edit: lst page


Yea! It’s nice to be home again.


Obviously my Ricky Ricardo accent didn’t come through.


Finally gettin’ a piece o’ the pie, eh?!?

Nice place . . .




no1, what is your profession / area of expertise?


Posting from South Texas.


That must suck…


I am with my favorite people. The kid from the Navy is here on leave and he is so grown up.


Nice new place, Cruzer. :slight_smile:


1st page!

Can’t get Charity to work. Took all the double posts out, they just came back if I tried to post .


What is the deal on the sport thread. Is it frozen in time. I do not remember who I picked before I left home.