RAT: Who Let the Woot Dogs out


Hmmph, well then.


Name: Zilla
Sex: M
Age: 27
Location: Washington, DC
Pic: PM me for the link


Are you guys asking for another Dave Bug smackdown?


I had nothing to do with it!!!
I could replace the rat with the woot dog. But he looks like he has a problem with testoterone too.


Who/What is the woot dog?


go call some of the moderators offensive names and you’ll find out



if you get put on probation for misbehaving in the forums, they lock you from posting and put a picture of a chained up dog next to your posts, with a timer saying when you can post again…


Name: Hei Kamanaiwanaleia
Sex: Yes
Age: Renaissance
Location: Super NoVa
Status: Natural Born Griller
Pic: Snowdrift to show in the third at Hialeah


La de dah!


Name: qwertyuiop001.ncc1701.thx1138.1-1-A.1-1-A-2-B.1-B-2-B-3.0-0-0-Destruct-0
Sex: Z
Age: Moldy
Location: Elsewhere
Status: Mostly inactive, but trying to walk



now i’ve got that blasted song stuck in my head…


which song is that?


Probably “Who let the dogs out?”


Woot . . . woot woot wootwoot . . .


OK I’ll do it

Female, early 50’s, married, 19 and 23 year old kids, pet rat that may or may not be in a testosterone storm, I took his big cage away from him today and now he is calmer.
Near NYC (1/2 hour if you go in the middle of the night with no traffic)
no job. Damn, you think I’d know what I wanted to be when I grow up by now!


Just destroyed a bunch of habitats. Weeded. I think the bugs living there fought back. Got a whole bunch of bites. Itchy !!!


did you mean to post this in the main PWA thread? (I’ve been getting confused by the same-style names myself)


Yeah, I’m so confused. I think there should be just one PWA thread (“by cruzer”) and one Misfits thread (“by killingtime”).


One day, dear apprentice, this will BE the main PWA thread. Until then… we wait.



*oh yeah… brain cramp, I suppose