RAT:You down with B.0.C., yeah you know me!

Welcome to the RAT; Random Acronym Thread, that is!

This thread is another convo thread, except rated pg14-ish+ :slight_smile:
While you are here, you are immune to Woot Dogs, AIDS and Meteors.

I was thinking… I have some great stuff to post… but pg-14… damn…

walks around for a bit

Hehe, that was just a disclaimer for the mods… Probation is off-limits to us in this thread

Every last homie!

Haha that’s right!

Way to kill the thread, me.


Sry I bees wurkn!!`

Silly Blue. Pj’s arnt fur wurkn!!


//rolling eyes

but, got to admit
that one was funny

I’d like to think of this as the halfawy house for inappropriate posters

Can I get my own room?

you can have the penthouse


HAHAHA I LOVE your siggy!

BTW, Good job, PBL…you got me :slight_smile:


edit: btw here is the real link

Penguins don’t wear glasses, n00b.