PWA: Think before you post...then post it anyway!


yeesh…I leave for a few hours and y’all go and lock the thread with me inside!


Sorry 'bout that.

Like the new thread title!


First Page!!!

woo hoo!!!


If everybody thought before they posted, there’d be a lot fewer posts . . . albeit, thoughtful ones.


nice new digs


See? A lot of thought went into that!!! :tongue:


Sorry it took me so long to post; I was thinking about it for while. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure there was



. . . posting, anyway.


I’m still recovering from all that thought.

I saw the puppy going to grandmas house. Now I’m trying to decide if I should ring the doorbell.


I think you waited for me to put this name up just so you could post that…


Yes, you should.


I hadn’t thought about that . . . honest.


Is this the lady who doesn’t like dogs?


Perfect smilie for this thread! :happy:


Has Lynn been dethroned as the smilie goddess?!?!?


I think, therefore, I post.


Did I ever tell the story about the time Mrs. czar was kidnapped?

The first day, the kidnappers called and said they wanted $50,000.
I told them “Nope, I’ll wait”.

The second day, the kidnappers called and said they didn’t want money, they just want
me to come get my wife.
I told them “Nope, I’ll wait”.

The third day, the kidnappers called and said they’d give me $50,000 if I’d let them
bring here back.
I told them they had a deal.

The upside to all of it was that I got $50k and mrs. czar back.
The downside is that the IRS got all the $$$ in taxes
Mrs. czar was mad that I didn’t wait for more money. She was really pissed when I
told her that I didn’t want to push my luck for more than $50k.


I think it’s a good thing Mrs. Czar doesn’t read these threads… :scared: