Your Living Space: The Final Frontier

Does anyone know if the 3 piece leather reclining group is real leather or bonded leather? There is a huge difference between the 2. We were considering it for our finished basement but only want true leather hides. With a MSRP of $4000 it should be leather, not bonded. Anyone from Woot know?

Hi There I am a rep from Abbyson.

The 3pc Ashyln set is definitley “real” Top Grain Leather. It’s sooo comfy too one of my personal favorite sets!! :slight_smile:

Please see the link below for more information:


Welcome back and thank you for responding!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sale do this poorly. I’m glad none of this is in a woot-off.

Thank you TT!

Thank you Crystal!

How far do these have to sit from the wall? In the photos on the website they look like they’re a long way from the wall, so I’m assuming they’re not the “wall-hugger” type recliners.

Hi Patreezia

I am a Abbyson Rep in reference to your question…

When you sit on the couch/loveseat the recliner pushes out, not back, with your weight allowing the couch/loveseat to stay against the wall.

I personally own a reclining set, and mine sits right up against the wall. I know many people keep it about 2 inches away from a wall for air flow. That’s not necessary, if your trying to save space :slight_smile:

Hope this helps