Yukon Outfitters Hammocks (5 Colors)

This was the first hammock i ever bought. Still serves me well to this day! the bug net is great for sleeping but a pain if you just want to hang out, so i would recommend it for a semi-serious camper.

My girlfriend and I used two of these this past weekend at Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin. They worked really well and kept us bite free, but they are much shorter than the other hammocks from Yukon Outfitters.

She is 5’7 or so and liked it just fine. I’m 5’10" and found it just a little too short. When laying at a diagonal my feet would manage to migrate off the hammock in the middle of the night.

I have this hammock and have a few other more expensive hammocks. For the weight and size, this is a great option over a separate bug net and hammock. The netting is a little fragile and can rip fairly easily and it isn’t the highest quality hammock. Overall though, great option for the money.

To the point above about the net being in the way of just a casual set up of the hammock - first, don’t leave this hammock out in the elements for extended periods of times. It will turn brittle and rip. Second, you can flip it upside down to sit in it without the bug netting.

Bought one of these the last time they were on sale. Actually got it $10 less than what they are selling for here this time. Anyways, those that do decide to buy them be aware. The mesh netting does work but be careful of how much tension you put on it. Both me and my brother have a tear in the mesh because the tension from the cord. Besides that, this was the best purchase I have gotten from Woot in a very long time.

Please remember we offer a 1 year warranty on all our Hammocks! Reach out to us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and we’ll fix you right up!

Love the participation in the thread, certainly eased my mind a bit regarding the purchase I’m considering. Thank you!

Hello I just picked one of these up and I was curious how much weight does the hammock actually weigh?

I dont think I have the receipt anymore via Woot. Do I need some kind of proof of purchase?

If you go to “Your Account” then “Stuff You Bought” then click through to order details on the order you’re wanting warranty assistance with- you can usually just send a screencap of that page.

A receipt or screen cap would be great, but give us a holler and we’ll find a way to get you taken care of. Our main goal is to get you back in action!

Does this have everything needed to hang it?

You’ll need separate suspension to attach to your trees, but a ridge line is included to suspend the netting.

What is the minimum distance between trees to hang it?

bought two, one was apparently already opened, as it did not include the instruction sheet or “ridgeline” cord included in the sealed package.

Remind me again how to get service from woot?

Click “support” at the top of any woot page or email support@woot.com. Sorry for the trouble.