Z GRILLS 2021 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Z GRILLS 2021 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

I have this exact smoker and really like it. Sturdily built and easy to use. This smoker is pretty small though, which is not necessarily a bad thing (with pellet smokers, the larger the smoker, the more pellets they use, so larger smokers have higher running costs). Just make sure it’s big enough for your needs - pay attention to picture comparing grate are to two sheets of paper… it’s not much bigger than that. Also pellet smokers require electricity to run the fan and auger, so you’ll need a power outlet nearby.

This smoker can handle 3 whole chickens (2 if spatchcocked) or 2-3 racks baby back ribs, or one small turkey, or 1 brisket if not too large. Get the bigger model if you need more than this at one time.

Cons are it only goes up to 450, which doesn’t make it a great grill since it’s too cool, but it’s a good smoker. Since it does go up to 450 you can use it for baking (smoked Mac and cheese!). Also this model does not have a pellet clean-out chute, so excess pellets have to be dug out by hand… can be a pain if you use different pellet types from smoke to smoke.


I thought you made up the word ‘spatchcocked’ until I looked it up.


Very real and the best way to cook a turkey!

I came here looking for looking for a fight in the comment section. The whole my grill and or smoker is better than yours type of thing. :w_devil: But I got a spatchcock instead. I’m not complaining.

Well wait, yes I am. I missed a boc writing this comment! Aaggghhhh! :w_worried:

I’ll be back :disguise:


Our smoker is better than yours.

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