Zina Mini Digital Keychain Camera



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Zina Mini Digital Keychain Camera
condition: New

$3.99 + $5 shipping


one day, we’ll see a woot that isn’t the best price ever on earth… not today though… another good one… and check useful linkage w/ CSE links… for CSE links.


in for 2


stocking stuffers!


$10 on ebay without shipping.


Well I’m in for three, should go well with the survival backback and screwdriver sets. Yay more junk for the fools who neglected to ask for real gifts :-p


64mb of Built in memory. No card slots.


Totally in for 2. A $4 camera… what could go wrong?


I know this always comes up as a joke, but for once I really mean this in all seriousness…


my nieces and nephews only have imacs so I really need to know.


how many pics can this take / what type of mem card does it accept?


yes, but you can get three of them for $12 + $5 for shipping. Much better deal here.


just got these not too long ago at buy.com for $10.

not bad, you might look retarded taking a picture with that small a camera though


Dimensions: 62 x 41 x 17 mm
Weight: 32 g (without battery)

From http://www.zinaproducts.com/MiniCamInstructions.doc


hmmm, perfect camera for the glove compartment? takes AAA


The local TV station where I live recently reviewed these and they take really grainy pictures. Also, there wasn’t a memory card, so if you don’t download pics before the batteries die, you are SOL on saving your photos.


I’ve had a 3 of these exact cameras with different names attached. I have NEVER successfully downloaded a photo from the cameras. I’ve tried several OS’s (XP, W95, Linux, etc) and drivers (Zina, Philips, Mustek, etc.).

Utter crap!


This could be great to just have in case you get into a fender bender and need to take a picture of something for the insurance report. Or i guess you could use your camera phone.


haha ditto!


Internal memory only, seems to be able to store 99 pictures on it according to the website of the manufacturer, but I suspect it’s 99 low-res pictures.