$0 for Jerky

Wow, did my eyes deceive me? I saw that on the Woot deals, the price for jerky was $0.00 to $36.99.

Where do I order this $0 jerky?

It maybe jerky crap for $0, but I want mine!

Hi there. Where? Screen shot? Things aren’t supposed to launch with $0 so definitely interested.

I have a screenshot, But I have lousy computer skills. I only know how to add to messenger. Help

It was in the daily email. I was hoping it was the “something special coming soon” that was advertised all last week but never materialized.

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Ahhhh. TY. Asked and they’re looking into why that happened. There wasn’t a $0 priced thing.

For what it’s worth it’s not the first time I’ve seen this in the email. I don’t recall the last time though.