Sweet Baby Ray's Beef Jerky - 6 Pack



A dollar an OUNCE for jerky?




Not that I’m surprised but its got MSG.


So let me sum it all up here


Contains MSG

C’mon w00t… have you lost your freaking minds?


I wish the price were about half the listed one, then I might actually be interested, MSG and all. Fact is though I can grab a pack from the Walmart down the street for a about 3.50 a piece.

Jerky isn’t new to woot, but I wish the deal was more of a deal.


It’s a better deal than the Dream Cheeky Stress Ball for $13.99


dammit! from the icon I though these were hand warmers and I was getting excited. :stuck_out_tongue:


got this at last woot off, and gotta say it is pretty good, and yeah, $1 and whatever but not that unusual for jerky and a LOT better than some that I got here last year.


I hear you - that thing looks scary


I bought this sale twice because the price is not that bad for jerky. I will not buy any if it is sold again.

There are three cuts of meat in the bag. One that is a great cut that is tender and tasty, one that is VERY fatty though tender, and one that has the texture of leather and has no flavor to speak of.

After eating half a dozen bags of this, and realizing 2/3rds of the cuts of meat are crap, I would never again spend my money on this.