Sweet Baby Ray's Beef Jerky 3-Pack

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Sweet Baby Ray’s Beef Jerky 3-Pack
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Aug 25 to Tuesday, Aug 26) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out these near perfect reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com and check out the story of Sweet Baby Rays

Where do 3 bags of beef jerky retail for $70?!?! Over $8/bag, as the deal stands, is no deal at all. Come on!

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Four 3.5 oz bags are $25. These Mega Pack are 9oz bags. Doesn’t seem like such a bad deal now, but yeah expensive jerky.

i don’t think i’ve ever paid more then $5 for a bag o jerky.

looking to continue that trend.

I like how 9 ounces is a ‘Mega’ bag now. It used to be a full pound. This grocery shrink ray BS has to stop.

More than $15 per pound for WalMart jerky? AmazooT!?

fyi here is the math –

3x 3.5oz bags for $25 is $2.38 per ounce

3x 9oz bags for $25 is $0.925 per ounce

edit: even the jacks links stuff is $2 an ounce (2x 10 oz bags for $40)


im as surprised as anyone else that this is actually pretty cheap

You’ve probably never bought a bag half the size of these.

A little math: Serving size of bags offered by Woot is 9. I purchased a bag at Walmart a couple days ago that had a serving size of 3 and a price of $4.48. So 9 servings would be $13.44.

I can get locally produced, better tasting jerky for $22/pound. However, that has to be refrigerated. This is still a pretty darn good deal for bagged jerky.

The taste is pretty good. I compare it to Jack Links, Jacks is maybe a bit different texture-wise but both are pretty darn good. The only problem with the bigger bags is that bigger bags usually mean you eat more than you should.

*I’m not always so good at the maths so correct me if I’m wrong - oh wait, this is the internet, of course you will

MSG? Really? I didn’t know anybody still used that as an ingredient.


MSG is listed under about 20 different names on scores of products… You have to be able to translate what you read on the ingredients labels.

Did you know you can go to your nearest Sam’s Club and get a 16 oz bag of Jack Links jerky for $15.50 every day of the week? Where are you people buying things that think this is some kind of bargain?!?!

What are you talking about? Doesn’t everyone accept to pay 23 bucks per “mega” bag in stores for the retail price.

TBH, it’s about the same price that you would generally find in store. A little higher if you can find it in stores on sale.

It’s a trap!!!

Jack Links is horrible

I just priced it and Jack L is $1.73/oz at SAMs; this ‘deal’, including the $5 shipping is $1.11/oz ($0.93/oz w/o shipping).

SAMs only has 2 flavored Original and Sweet & Hot.

No doubt! I bought these at Walmart on sale last month for around $3 each!