Krave All Natural Jerky Sampler

Krave All Natural Jerky Sampler
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 Garlic Chili Pepper Gourmet Beef Jerky
1 Sweet Chipotle Gourmet Beef Jerky
1 Chili Lime Gourmet Beef Jerky
1 Pineapple Orange Gourmet Beef Jerky
1 Basil Citrus Gourmet Turkey Jerky

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Aww, I love Jerky, but the ingredients don’t work for me. All but one has corn syrup, and at least two have food coloring. I’m also sensitive to nitrates. So, sadly, it’s a no go.

I assume it’s just a coincidence that I saw these for sale today, huh Woot???

Had it, once, once!

In for one, wife loves jerky.

Yeah i was excited about this at first as well then i saw the flavors ehhh… im more of a classic jerky flavor kinda wooter.

Had these. Kind of meh.
I like their pork jerky, but it is not part of this.

6 ounces? $25?..pass

Good evening all – these new flavors have no nitrates and no artificial flavors. While these flavors are a bit unconventional - they are totally moist and erupt with killer flavors.

5oz for $25??? That’s perhaps the most expensive snack I’ve ever seen.

Compare $25 for 20oz (2-pack):

And for something that’s neither organic nor hand-made… Hrm…

Forget food coloring, this meat has wheat in it! No go for us celiacs :frowning:

Also, the mark of the beast!!!


quality posts: 666

heads up: the serving sizes are 1 oz, but each pack is 3.25 oz, totalling 16.25oz.

There are 5 bags with 3.25 oz per bag. Our jerky yield usually needs approximately 2.25 pounds of raw beef per one pound of jerky. We use a peeled knuckle cut of beef for our beef products and a turkey breast for our turkey (again both ALL NATURAL) - both cuts of meat maximize the tenderness of the finished product.


I don’t know where you and the 6oz guys learned math at but:

5 (bags) * 3.25 (ounces per bag) = 16.25 ounces.

I think the price is fair but the Krave representative joining just to tame the posts is just awkward.

Edit: My slow connection =/ The other people beat me! =p

I would note that the meat quality is top notch. My gripe is with the flavors, just not for me. Others may disagree.

I hate to hate because i could eat a pound of the pork in one sitting (yummy), but not a fan of the rest, something just seemed weird about the rest.
The sweet goes better with pork and pork is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.
(What i’m saying is do a woot of just pork and I’m in for 3)

Sells for $10 more directly from Krave for the same 5 pack ( It’s impossible to find good nitrate and hormone free jerky for this price. In for 3.

is this wine.woot or jerky.woot?

We like snacks on occasion. Welcome! :slight_smile:

Goodness no, we love it when our product reps drop in, especially at these late hours!