Krave All Natural Jerky Sampler

I like the fact they are here to offer support and answer questions. I have seen this done for other products here too and I feel that it only helps with buyer decisions. YMMV.

Hey! It’s the Roomba of semi-fine foods! Thanks again wine.woot! I’m really hoping this isn’t the ORIGINAL batch from way back yonder…

i bought these last woot and LOVE the chili lime :slight_smile: glad to see it’s included again along with some other interesting flavors!

I retract my statement, then! I guess I’m a horrible lurker!

Now that I think about it, it’s pretty nice. Nonetheless, this might be my first woot… some jerky =p.

Nope - It’s a new recipe with a new cut of beef. We are now USDA certified All-Natural - whereas before we were not.

I bought just to counter-act some of the earlier negative posts. Stange start to a non-wine woot offering. Thursdays are typically non-wines. People just need to relax.

Krave All Natural Jerky Sampler
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The wife and I really enjoyed these as snacks on our honeymoon in Hawaii, in for 2!

Yo! ink paws: If you’re not early, your late… good morning!

One last post before I decide on 2 or 3 - when should the expiration date be for these, in general?

I like to think that the enthusiastic folks are making sure they got in on the deal before commenting.

Technically, it’s inching towards late on the west coast. Morning, evening, I’m not sure any more this week to be honest. :slight_smile:

I love your positive spin to things. Will try to implement this strategy on a daily basis!

I’m amazed that so many of you are willing to drop $25 on a lb of flavored packaged jerky…and they say this is a bag economy

this is the best beef jerky ever made and packaged… mouthgasm…

Our jerky has a 9 month shelf life - while most of the other store bought jerky (with nitrates) can carry a 1-2 year shelf life. Thanks!

LOL… Math is apparently not a strong point for midnight Wooters. But still… $24 per lb for preserved meat is still rather high. Especially with all those questionable ingredients. Once I saw Alton Brown’s method of making jerky with a box fan and A/C filters, I just can’t justify the money.

Now I feel bad for being a bit… jerky.

Thanks! In for 3.

Thanks for bringing it out!! – The ingredients listed on the page are incorrect. Please check out the ingredients on the website. Our new recipe has NO Artificial ingredients. Thanks…

You’re right, it IS a bag economy:

Thank you for being on that and letting us know. I’ll drop the necessary folks a note, but it might not get fixed til the morning.

I’m confused. The insider comments imply that this jerky has no nitrates/nitrites; however, the ingredients list “sodium nitrite cure”.

Sorry that my first woot! post is short on praise, because I love me some woot!, but this deal is kinda blah, and may even be a little deceptive. You can’t call something “All Natural” if it contains artificial colors and/or high fructose corn syrup.

EDIT: Never mind, it appears that woot! has the ingredients listed incorrectly. Interest piqued.