10" Memory Foam Mattress w/Cover - 3 Sizes

**Item: **10" Memory Foam Mattress w/Cover - 3 Sizes
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The real question is, can I drop a bowling ball beside a glass of wine on this mattress without it spilling? I don’t want to spill on my wife when she is sleeping.

she might care if you drop the bowling ball on her.

can this be used on an electric adjustable bed?

Pretty generic details on these makes it hard to google for any info. I know woot has sold these for years now so is there anyone with first hand knowledge and an opinion on these? Worth a buy? Also, could I just drop this on top of my old box springs? I don’t have some fancy schmancy wooden frame like in the picture.

As you can maybe tell, I’m in the market for a new bed. Thanks for any info. :slight_smile:

IF this is the same mattress, here are some comments from June

Don’t use a memory foam mattress on top of a box-spring! They need a firm base. Most people that I’ve talked to that ended up hating their inexpensive memory foam mattresses did this…the end result is that the memory foam mattress sags because of the lack of support, so they feel like they are sleeping in a hole. Or, with a couple, they find themselves colliding into each other in the middle of the bed at some point in the night. End result: “Cheap memory foam mattresses suck.” You know those $2,000+ Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses that everybody says are great? They come with a firm foundation, and you can’t buy one without it. That’s their secret.

If you must use your old box-spring and frame, prevent the sag issue by inserting 3/4"* plywood or OSB between the memory foam mattress and the box-spring. That will give your mattress the firm base it needs to perform properly. You still may have a bit of a weird jiggle from the box-spring, but you won’t end up in a hole because of the lack of support.

*If you or your spouse (or both) are, er…husky, you might even want to go to a 1" or even stack a couple of 3/4" sheets. I can’t over-emphasize how important a totally rigid base is. You can often find a rigid foundation for a reasonable price in a discount mattress store. Or just get a foundation bed, they’re really not all that expensive.

I’ve never tried a bowling ball and a wine glass, but I’ve managed to get out of bed without waking a cat that was sleeping next to me. That’s an impressive feat.

Thanks for your info! It’s the first time I’ve heard anyone mention the reason for the bed sagging. I had planned on just putting it on my box spring as I’m sure a lot of folks do.

Yeah thats really helpful info. Thanks cleverett!

only 2.5 inches of soft memory foam the rest is very hard and firm. This is not 10 inches of memory foam

Appears to be this (based on the similarity in description/specs; also widely available in the past from other overstock type websites):


Well I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this one. I purchased a queen considering th fact I purchased the queen platform bed that home.woot had about a month ago (I received an email from woot stating they won’t get the item to me until august which is fine with me) the coupon code given to me in the email however did not work. Shame on you woot! Nonetheless I pulled the trigger and I hope this mattress fits. I didnt read the reviews because of the vagueness and then I seen the comment posted before me about sarah some type of bed and some of there reviews are good some bad and some say the bed doesn’t stretch to the right size of the platform. So def got my fingers crossed on this $300 purchase. :confused:

Purchased a full size from Woot close to 2 years ago. I am not a fan. I use a platform, similar to the picture, underneath so sagging isn’t the issue; actually it’s really firm. In addition it traps heat making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep. This is a common issue with cheap memory foam. If you must have memory foam, you could try the kind with gel layers to help dissipate heat, but I can’t recommend this mattress.

If you want something in foam and looking in the $2,000 range then take a good look at the advantages of natural latex. No chemical gases to breath in and sink spots are very minimal as compared to foam. Warranties range from 20 to 30 years.

Would this work on a hide-a-bed sofa (holes notwithstanding)?

Is there a better/cheaper mattress for said sofa (it has a definite hole in it if you don’t have the mattress in it)?

You will be very unhappy without the proper support beneath a memory foam mattress.

I think this would be too thick and not be able to fold properly for sofa mode.

I had to find one a couple years ago and it’s not easy. Google sleeper sofa mattress.

Some people keep talking about the heat that is trapped in memory foam mattresses. I’m a complete novice when it comes to memory foam. I’ve never even laid on one in a store or anything. How true is the whole heat issue? People make it sound like they’re sleeping directly on the mattress itself, without any sheets or anything. I initially could understand that possibly getting hot. Is it the mattress itself that gets warm/hot due to ambient air or does it supposedly just trap your own body heat while laying on it? If the second scenario is the case, then as mentioned before, wouldn’t using sheets and blankets prevent most of your own body heat from reaching the mattress so it doesn’t get hot? Any help or past experiences would be great. Thanks folks!