1080p GPS Dashcam with 16GB SD Card

Kinda looks like one of those portable tvs from the 90’s

here’s the product page http://us.papagoinc.com/products/p3/

There’s several odd features that you don’t normally see in a dashcam, like reminders to turn on your headlights or warnings when you’re driving too close to a car. Seems like a good idea. I’d love to hear how it records during the night, as I leave work at 10pm

Does this dash cam keep the time and date constant even when not in use! Meaning do you have to reset the time and date every time you power up the unit?

Does it have rear recording option? I need both front and rear recording in case of accident. From the rear

That thing looks obnoxious.

against the law in California to apply anything to the windshield. There is an area at the top of the windshield that is legal marked on the sides but I don’t know if you want this thing hanging that high.

I have a dashcam mounted on the top of my windshield right behind my rearview mirror and it works great up there. Although I wouldn’t recommend this model. Mine was literally $30 shipped and about 4x3 in dimension size.

Dimensions are about the same then, this one is: 3.75″ x 2.5″x 2.4″

but for sure you do have the price difference to consider

In California, it is an equipment violation to have anything attached to the windshield.

You may be able to suction-cup this to a dome light or something else, but putting it on the windshield is an invitation for a citation.

I do believe that mount arm swings down so that this can mount to one of those generic Arkon mounting disks on your dash.