3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Will this work with Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy Watch 4?

On Amazon, it states:

3W Charging Mode for Apple Watch (Only suitable for apple watch)

Meh. Those LED’s are an unnecessary deal breaker.
Too bad as it would be otherwise perfect for the nightstand.

Agreed! I have one and have to cover the lights with black tape…Very bright for a nightstand area.

My iPhone 13 Pro Max in its Otterbox Defender case doesn’t charge on the iPhone charger spot but it does charge on the AirPod spot. This means I can’t charge my iPhone and my AirPods at the same time but that’s okay.

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I recently bought this and can confirm the LEDs are super bright on the nightstand. I had to do what others did and cover it with dark tape. Once that’s done, it works awesomely with my iPhone 12 Pro, Apple Watch 7 and Airpods Pro. I honestly don’t care about having to cover the LEDs with tape because it’s so much nicer than having three different cables on my nightstand to charge everything.

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I have a table top air filter in my bedroom that has a bright light all the way around it. I put a couple layers of blue painters tape around it. Now I have a nice blue glow in my bedroom when I wake up every few hours to go pee because my bladder is the size of a peanut.


Is this the “upgraded” version listed on Amazon? or an earlier version?

Hi there. These are being pulled from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of information. Here it is on Amazon:


Will this work with and iPhone SE 2022?

Should work with anything that has QI charging.

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