4-Outlet 1080 Joules Surge Protector

Sometimes i wonder why they still include rj11 protection on these… I dont know too many people who still have land line phones or dial up anymore! I guess its still useful and is probably cheap to include.

Seriously uninterested in anything under about $50 on woot offs with the change to the shipping costs.

Fix it, woot. I’m sure I’m not the only customer you drove away.

I’m keeping my sweet CAT3 network protected with this bad boy.

I have to agree with the poster above about shipping. I’m sure it cost you lots of cash W00t but you have more than I do so switch back to the old way. K? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Agreed, but for me it has just killed most of my interest in Woot-offs. Not saying I definitely won’t buy anything, but it is much less likely now.

Case in point - I was interested in the bacon shaving cream this morning and would have bought it if I knew it would ship free (or next items would ship free), but now - meh…

Did they change shipping again recently and I missed it?