Ideative Socket Protector 2160 Joule 6 ft. Surge Protector



guessing at least a two day woot off?



Oh these are awesome! We have three from the last WootOff. Worth every penny!


Excellent deal if you buy 3!

FINALLY… I was getting sick of that ugly TV stand.


Don’t quite see how this will help much. Why do some companies insist on using large transformers for plugs?

Repeats from within the same woot-off?

So we suffer through 3 hours of a shelf…for a surge protector. Oh come on these are everywhere

what a fucking buzz kill

id rather get a briefcase of cholera with 2 noise canceling ear buds and a retractable mouse than this garbage

About half the price of anywhere, including the $5 shipping. Sweet.

I actually thought about buying one, and that was my mistake. The time I took to think and read the description was all it took for it to be sold out.

Ah Well, just an extra $10 for me

We love our three from a previous woot-off. Wish I had more, but alas, missed all three times they have shown up so far in this woot-off.