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*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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love the design, quite whimsical. but id never wear it. too big and shiny… and centered…

Pretty Funny. Its the “Tin” Electronic Grinch!


Oooh, metallic ink. I was tempted by this but it’s not my kind of shirt…

*wonders how a combination of glow in the dark and metallic ink would work

Shiny metallic ink…sounds exciting, and a cute concept too I guess, but I feel that the shiny ink might be wasted on this shirt :confused:

And btw, ouch to all this lag D<

Metallic ink and Diesel Sweeties?? Yes, please! The silver ink will go well with my gold ink woot shirt. :slight_smile:

Cool design but too much metallic for me

Grats to R on the print. However, I would have preferred a different design with the metallic ink to showcase it.

wow! just wow… People get paid $1000 to put this on a t-shirt? I’m not a t-shirt artist but this is just lame. I should google this, find something from the second page of Google and convert it to line art with photoshop, and get paid!

first shirt.woot purchase…damn you ADD!

Congrats are in order for Woot, who will probably net quite a few new wooters from Diesel Sweeties. :slight_smile:

I love the concept of computers and the “wizard of oz” a very unique present…thank you woot

Funny, but I doubt it’ll give others much more than a chuckle.

It WOULD go well with my “Tin is Old School, Sucka!” shirt. Two tinman shirts could be a bit much, though.

I was sold on metallic…

at the risk of being nailed to the cross, i don’t like metallic ink. but this design is awesome! very witty, and his comics are great too! glad to see you printed sir!

I just got that shirt in my batch of random shirts. xD I don’t get it, really.

I get it! I finally get it!

Woot knows wooters-off love shiny crap, so they print this at the tail end of the woot-off, to lure them in even after snatching up their lame broccoli shirt. Their powers combined, coupled with the woot off and the gifting season, conspire to put a credit crunch on wooters in the new year, enabling woot to take a month or two to print decent shirts while this customer base recovers from their wastrel crapbuying.

It’s so elegant. So perfect. I’m sorry I ever questioned.

I wish derby entries could be printed in metallic as well- I would love to see your current derby entry in metallic, if it were to get printed