805 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You can pair two of these together for better stereo sound. I don’t know if this would be a good choice for music though. Despite mostly positive reviews, they seem to focus on sound volume not quality. The speaker shell is only 4" tall, so I don’t think it could have more than 2x 2-1/2" speakers which means the bass (while it may be loud) will not punch. Could be okay for music without much bass could be great for podcasts. The ability to charge your phone and take calls makes this fairly versatile. On sale for $80 from the manufacturer right now.

I bought basically this model 3 years ago. The model I bought was a NEMA rated model, but essentially the 800 series. I picked it up at Best Buy for $300. I tested out every mode they had on the shelve and went with braven. The main reason was the bass output. I picked this up for outdoor pool parties and we listen to mostly hip hop. Still after three years the battery is running strong. I love to take it camping and be able to charge my phone the same time music is blasting. I bought this on woot so I can pair with my model I already have. For the price this is a must buy.