A Random End of Summer Clearance Event

PSA: Trade your unwanted randoms Here

Random is as random does.

last time I did this I ordered a sticker pack and the poster pack which is currently not available for this but it took 3 weeks to find out that they couldn’t ship them to me anymore and I got a refund I don’t know if I want to try this again

Poster pack is Here, only on the Sellout Plus sale

I bought some of the random blank Anvil’s. I own a few of them and actually like them. They fit well and have lasted so far. I wash them in cold water and hang dry them.

What means AA?

AA is American Apparel shirts. They are the shirts woot started printing on when they first started selling shirts. Many people prefer them over the current Anvil blanks. I know women’s sizing is vastly different (much smaller shirts in AA) sizes. So if you are used to the current shirt sizing and choose to buy AA, you may look for some old sizing charts so that you pick the correct size.

Do you ever sleep, eat or drink?
You are always here…
Almost ever present? Speaking of present…send me one! (Lichme)

I have a question, how to choose the size? I usually wear the size of “M”, so I choose “M”?

Yes, but in order to save time, I sleep, eat, and drink at the same time.

Under the features tab, there is a link to the sizing chart. These will be different based on the type of shirt being sold (Anvil/AA), so make sure you check it out before you buy.

why are these not shipping till 9/22?

Randoms and other warehouse-clearing sales where we’re predicting to ship a butt load of shirts, we usually give ourselves enough time to make sure we can ship them out.

D’oh. Missed out on the AA men large tees. Oh well not that I need anymore but AA tees are so damn nice.

I buy a large when I buy AA and a medium / large for other brands because I’m right on the size difference.

Another PSA: Trade your unloved stickers here - there are over 80 designs out there to hoard and collect!

Are the possible colors limited to the ones in the product pictures? Like for the jersey pullover hoodies, I’d be fine with any of the colors shown, but not, like, neon pink…

Yes, there is no surprise neon pink (although I wish there was).

I fell for this “random T-shirt” scam a while back, and won’t again. It took several weeks to get two crappy, cheap-quality T-shirts. When I inquired about why they hadn’t come after a couple of weeks the Wooter person just said not our problem, the vendor sends 'em. Buyer beware.

We are the vendor, we try to be upfront about when our random shirts will ship, they’re always going to take longer than any other shirt sale we have. I’m trying to make it clearer this time because we get this kind of complaint a lot, they will ship on 9/22 and they’re a good way to try out our tees to see if you even like them.

Apparently you missed the part about “random root beer rainstorms.” That alone is well worth ordering one of these deals.

That said, i feel your frustration with the CS people. The problem is that ADQ hasn’t been put in charge of all of them. (Actually that isn’t the problem, but she would get things straightened out if given the chance.)