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Am I,… No I can’t be… Am I the only person keeps thanking robot voices for their help thanks Alexa, thanks Siri, et tu Google?

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I do that, too. The Google Assistant is really quite helpful and deserves to be thanked.


Is anyone else irritated by woot now a days? I remember when this site was AWESOME for finding a great deal 1 item a day. Since they sold out to amazon, now I’m finding “deals” like deodorant for .30 cheaper. What a bunch of crap! Bring back the old woot! This is now the junkyard for amazons leftovers. Nothing exciting about this site anymore! Very upsetting.


Meh.com? :woman_shrugging:t3:

Started from bidet site now we here.

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Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. The clearance page is definitely Amazon and 3P product for the most part. We sell this aged and overstock inventory for a percentage off the price on Amazon. Problem is that items often have multiple ASINs (skus) for the same item on Amazon. Our automated processes aren’t good at finding those. But we listen to customers when the find a legitimate price comp and reduce the price if we can or take it down if we can’t.

On the other sites, it’s a mix of some Amazon flips and items that we curate from our vendors. Please understand that even when we’re selling Amazon inventory, we pick & choose what we sell. They don’t tell us what to sell. If it’s not a good deal or not something our customers want, we pass on the items.

Again, thanks for the feedback.


I don’t know if you’re aware but Woot has events quite often where you can (hopefully) score items for a dollar each (called WTF Pricing), they just did twelve contests giving away some really good prizes, and a bunch of other things.

Also, Woot was bought by Amazon ten years ago, which was quite a while ago. It’s belonged to Amazon longer than it was independent.

And there are still plenty of deals to be found. A single deal a day isn’t very sustainable. Even Meh has several deal sites now, so you can’t cite them as an example of it being done. It really isn’t.


I have been unsure where to post my comment. This looks like the place. It does seem tiring to look for new sale items. When items appear in different order they are still the same items. I spin my wheels and find too much repeat. Is this familiar to anyone else?

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Try this for newest offers?



You can’t. Everything is woot now. You are woot.

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Is this site actually beneficial to the customer? Like as in is there actually any good deals from the app or site worth getting??

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The simple answer is yes, there are. Feel free to do the research and compare prices with normal retailers, though, so you can see for yourself. And, sometimes, they have extremely excellent deals during special events like WTF where they start selling things for a dollar.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


I want a Wootatar so I can fly high and mighty :fairy:‍♀:ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

This will show you how to change your name and then at the bottom links to instructions to change your avatar. Enjoy!

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Thank you Thunder Thighs :ok_hand::infinity::monkey::two_hearts:

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How much woot can a woot chuck chuck if woot chuck could chuck woot?

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Guys how do I change my Woot name. I like this futuristic name with hundreds of numbers but I prefer something easy

Follow the instructions in this post and it should help you out.


Hey do you remember the cartoon
" THUNDER CATS" ? Anyway , back in the late 80’s it was a Saturday morning show.
The characters use to put all their hands in and roar " thunder,thunder,thunder cats" before slaying an evil enemy.
So anyway,
My brother use to tease me and say to me,
" Thunder, thunder, thunder thighs"

Your screen name is a double edge sword and cuts me to the core sometimes. :pleading_face:
Sweet and sour feeling.

He was so mean.

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Heh, sorry to remind you of childhood horrors. I had three older brothers so I can relate. I remember one tying me up after I was pestering him. I had to roll into the other room so my mom could untie me.