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Do we have to keep things PG-13? Can I keep them PG instead, or do I have to interject random naked people into my posts?



Does anyone receiving emails, or shopping on this site, find it not funny? Actually, a bit irritating by the stupid talk? We’re not elementary children. I wouldn’t even visit this site except I have found several good deals. I haven’t received the items yet so I will see just how good the product is. Sigh.


Finally someone with a refined sense of humor around here. I knew it when I read your name tootncoot.

By the way…

I just love Poupon everything.


Https:/ woots. com. Please tell me how to delete this app from my phone. It’s stupid and I don’t use it. I don’t need it taking up space I’m running out. It’s not listed in installed apps in play store but it put a short cut on my desktop. No uninstall. Not listed in my apps in settings. How do I do I delete this thing?


Is it a shortcut to the website?