Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II

not a fan of these, they seem to develop leaks frequently.


These things - no matter how thick inevitably pop :frowning:

Looks pretty nice; I wish it came with an automatic blower-upper. I’ll grab one to use for when my folks come to visit.

I have this, I didn’t get it from woot. I’ve had it for a couple years and I paid about $30 more I think. It really is bed in a minute. It is also very durable, it has survived college life in my apartment. I would highly recommend it!

EDIT: Spoke too soon, this isn’t the exact one I have. My inflater is built in to the mattress itself. All you do is plug it in and flick the switch. Same company though, so I am sure this one is still really well made.

All righty then, I’m sure to destroy this with the first knee down.

it, uh, comes with one. right there. see it? in the inset picture?

could come in handy in “today’s economy” hehe

I would rather use it for sleding

One minute? This doesn’t have shit on a matress, which is ready to sleep on instantly.

You say I can store it under the bed, well I can store a matress ON THE BED!

Bah. It doesn’t come with the air.

Of course they do. *Hump Hump… Nothing like a campin’ trip with the hubby.

Oh, cool, thanks! (Clearly, I am an idiot for missing that.)

Had one of these and it popped the third time someone slept on it. I repaired the leak, and the next time someone slept on it, it popped in another place. Not worth the money.

Like I said last time Woot had these up, I slept on one for a week due to a flood in my home. Quick installation, feels like a mattress more than an airbed, and is fairly thick.

I know durability is a question. With me, my wife, and two kids on the queen one it still felt perfectly secure. I would recommend it.

About how long would this take to blow up with a foot pump?

It says it comes with an AC inflator / deflator…

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Aerobed Sport Bed in a Minute II
$42.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 AeroBed Sport Bed in a Minute II Size: Full Size Model 1312, Queen Size Model 1313

Even better would be the built IN blower uper that some of these things have!