AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

I have the 9-pod bounty elite model. I love this thing. Even if you don’t have gardening skills, you can grow things with this. And the customer service at AeroGarden is amazing. Recommend buying…I’m tempted to get this myself to have 2 :slight_smile:

Have one - largest challenge is the plants often exceed the height of the light fixture, unfortunately it’s not something that’s easily removable.

Had one for two months purchased for much more on amazon. It’s amazing, already able to harvest the basil. This is older model.

Do you need to purchase additional seed kits in the future and if so what’s the cost / difficulty of obtaining?

I have an older model and I bought refills at Kohls (they’re also readily available online). The pods were $12 and I’m once again happily growing herbs.

I do have a problem with the herbs not germinating at the same rate and the light is being blocked by some of the taller plants that sprouted quickly. It’s not a huge issue but it is something to consider. All in all, I’m very happy with my aerogarden and the ability to have fresh basil and dill while it’s still winter.

I use one of these in an office with no windows. Great idea to add color to the office.

My 9yo son has been BEGGING me for one of these and while I think it’s dumb to spend $150 on growing herbs, it’s good to encourage an interest in growing and preparing your own food. And at $90 plus Prime Shipping, well, Woot!, you got me. You got me good.

So a single plant pod is twelve bucks??? i can buy hydroponic basil at the grocery for $4 and plant it at home and put it in the sunny window!

If you head over to the AeroGarden website you can buy pods that grow veggies and flowers. You can also get a kids AeroGarden for $40 bucks and grow herbs specifically for pizza. Flowers or making his own pizza with his own grown herbs might be fun for him.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I own 2 Aerogarden models: both LED pump systems. One 7 pod and one 6 pod. LOVE them!!! Basil harvests are unbelievable: Keep harvesting for months, filling the freezer because we just don’t seem able to eat or give away enough.

The model offered today on Woot may be a bubbler, rather than a pump system. While bubblers work fine, I prefer the mechanical pump system which circulates water up to the deck level, then drips it down the planted pods back into the reservoir. Bubblers are much simpler mechanically and create aeration around the roots by generating bubbles like an aquarium bubbler. They do not move the water with a mechanical pump.

I like my pump models in which I can add bubblers to the pre-configured deck holes to really supercharge the growing of some plants. Nothing wrong with the bubbler system - it’s a great starter set. But if you get serious and have the space, you’ll probably end up with a pump system.

Note that today’s offer has a 20 watt LED unit. The more expensive ones come in 30 and 45 watt, and get even bigger with the farm models. According to Aerogarden, more light more yield.

Also, today’s woot unit’s lamp can be raised to 12 inches above the deck. This is perfectly adequate for most of the plant pods they sell, but if you have the rare urge to grow peppers or tomatoes, you should be prepared to transplant later (really easy with lots of Aerogarden advice) or start with a unit that goes to 24" and has the optional trellis system. But then you’re getting into ‘serious’ Aerogarden territory!

Also note that many Aerogarden gardeners achieve better success using distilled or RO water (me included!). My tap water contains too many unknowns and starting with distilled water makes it a lot easier to control the nutrients.

I get my distilled water from any of the local supermarket chains which all seem to have bulk ‘refill’ stations at .39 per gallon.

As an intro system at this price today’s Woot is a great deal. It will continue to be useful even if you upgrade to a higher level model later. And again, you can’t beat this price level for this specific machine.

If you’re looking to put food on the table more cheaply, this is not the way to go. But you can control exactly what goes into your plants (and mouth) and it’s a satisfying hobby which can provide spectacular results.

By the way, this may not be an appropriate gift for a college student living in a dorm. LOL.

Last one I tried to give to a nephew was promptly returned. Told me that ‘everyone knows what you really plant in them and I don’t need that grief!’.

Guess I’m just too out of that loop.

Sooooo, though I dont feel you would be able to finish for height and space reasons…can you at least start growing marijuana plants in something like this? And can just transfer them outside or bigger indoor space if need to?

The box came with pods for dill, parsley, thyme, mint, and two different types of basil so six pods total.

It depends what you buy. Large plants, like tomatoes and peppers are around 3 for $15. Herbs are 7 for $15. You can also buy a 50 pack of the sponges for around that price and just plant whatever you want to plant (have to obviously buy the seeds separately). If my next job is in a cubicle, I’m going to consider buying one of these for flowers.

This is on teh Aerograden website for the same price with ZERO shipping