Aeron Chair by Herman Miller w/ Lumbar Pad

Warranty does not transfer

That is not a chair, my friends. It is a sculpture, a thing of beauty. Its only purpose is to look magnificent. And cradle my buttocks…

Already own three in chrome and have a happy butt.

Just moved offices and corporate is selling them to employees for $100. Probably pick one up at work.

OK, they sold ONE and the line went down one percent to 99%. They have 100 of these? Good Night, Irene, Good Night!!!

Oh my goodness, up for a while and only 99% left after someone named Herman Miller bought one !

No idea about the price. But I can tell you these are fantastic chairs. We’ve used them at work for several years now. Very adjustable and supportive. If you need a good ergonomically friendly chair, and have the cash, go for it…

Look again. You have a Howard Miller clock. Herman Miller doesn’t make clocks.

Looks like they YANKED them!!!

I bought it. I have one, but without the lumbar support. It is a great chair, so y’all stop bitching and buy one. I got it for my SO who has been through three or four cheap Office MAX desk chairs since I’ve known him and who has a terrible back. He’ll probably hate it because it’s not leather. In which case we’re through.

Is it a size B or C?

Fancy. No room for it, though. Will just have to be content with our Steelcase Criterion chairs. Ho hum.