AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

what version Bluetooth are these?do they have volume control on the airbud itself?

Hi there. Per the vendor:

It is Bluetooth 4.2 and the volume is controlled on the phone, not the earbuds.

Apple product yay or nah? Name and suggestive picture has me unsure.

These are not Apple product.

I got these the last time they were here and I like them. Don’t hold much charge but they recharge pretty fast and fit well. Sound is pretty good once you get them fitted right.

I purchased a set of these from Woot a few months ago. The positives: the price is great and the sound is not bad. The design is simple and elegant.

The negatives: they do not automatically pair and pairing is a bit of a hassle. The one for my left ear fell out from time to time. And the left ear bud failed to hold a charge after a few weeks. Woot issued a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Wait, these are not Xiaomi Airdots? This is as fraduelent as it could possibly be. I thought it was the Xiaomi AirDots.

Update: for future reference, these are not Xiaomi Airdots, and TBH, they shouldn’t use “airdots” coz you won’t be able to find any info if you google “airdots”. AirDots is licensed by Xiaomi so you would be getting mostly posts for their $35 product. This, on the other hand, was a knock-off of knock-off, you can search by “airtaps” and most closely matched one on amazon is this one

Even that one has BT5.0. Takeway on this, if you are willing to pay $35 for this, why not go with the real Xiaomi AirDots, they are big enough now and has reputation of great value for the price.


Bought them thinking they were airdots and now trying to find how to get a full refund…this is basically scamming people.

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Apparently that’s how to get rid of unwanted inventory

These are average at best. They constantly drop connection with phone and after turning them off and putting them in the case to charge, they turn themselves back on and reconnect to the phone. Further you can’t use just one ear bud, they have to be used in pairs. Great price but you get what you pay for

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these are complete crap, static like crazy and the sound goes in and out. its so bad:(
I bought these specifically for the airpod shape. i love how my real airpods feel so thought this would be a decent purchase. i was wrong.

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I thought they were OK and I had no problems connectiing them. I have one earbud that constantly dropp out and then reconnects though. I would consider a replacement but they are sold out so I suppose I’ll get a refund.

FWIW, these aren’t great but I though a good deal for $26.00. The fit was good and they were securein my ears.