AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

Are these the Xiaomi AirDots then?

No these are different than the XiaoMi AirDots. These look like they are just a rebranded AirTaps.

I bought some. Couldn’t find them on the mother site, so hoping I didn’t get ripped off. Bought some air pod knockoffs on another site and they worked well for about 3 times, then one stopped working. Hoping these do ok… fingers crossed!

If these are the same, at least we got a decent price.

I’ve been looking for something like this to wear while cooking!

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I’m not a fan of the plug-style ear buds, so I’m definitely curious about these. I’m also not a fan of just throwing money at a garbage product.

I’m hoping a wooter that has these might pop in with their opinion.

Bought these in a previous deal and I think it is a mixed bag. I love the form factor and they connect well. The sound quality is good also. The battery life is fairly short, but that’s pretty understandable for the size. My only problem with them is that there seems to be something weird with the charging case as the ear buds will connect to my phone when they are inside the case. The only way to keep it from connecting that I have found is to plug it in to through the microusb charging port. For $30 I’m not too mad about the purchase, but I don’t think I would purchase again unless that problem was resolved.

Thanks for the feedback , I am looking around for review of this item but couldn’t find any . Thinking of buying this .
For your unwanted connecting problem , did you forget to turn it off when putting it back to the case ? It should connected only after we turn it on .

These are not air dots. They are a ripoff knock-off called “Air Taps”. Bluetooth connectivity is poor, quality is iffy and support is non-existant. Give these a pass.


Put Robinton’s comment at the top. These are knockoffs of the best Apple Knockoffs. Do not buy these. This link shows the real ‘AirDots’

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Yup, even when you turn them off they tend to connect. It may just be that when they come off the charger they turn on, which can happen when they come off the charging pin for a moment as you are putting them in but who knows.

Agree. I bought these here several weeks ago and they are garbage. Won’t stay connected, sound is intermittent which makes using them unbearable. Better option are the ones on here that resemble Air Pods…those have worked flawlessly for me.

I know this thread is dead, but just in case someone checks in the future… I bought these about 10 days ago. They came on a monday and I have been using them since. Like someone said above, maybe they are a mixed bag, but mine work well. I cannot comment on battery life, but they sound pretty decent, are comfortable and connected easy.

Maybe they are not airdots, but they work well and I am glad I bought them.