Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

This is just another private labeled POC from Alex Jones. The housing is the same as a dozen other companies, so that’s fine. The filter is a cheap construct that WILL filter out large particles (iron, dirt, etc) and chlorine, but that’s about it.

The filter is one of the poorest made (next to the “Black Berky” carbon filter), can’t be cleaned, and is worthless in the wild.

Here is a better unit, plus a crap-load of info:

Does this work with Alexa?


Well what I’ve done is make a “poor boy’s berkey”, which is just two 5-gallon food grade buckets with properly drilled holes to hold the filter and a water spout on the bottom bucket. I’m more concerned about how easy it is to flush the filters to extend their lifespan.

Berkeys use solid carbon filters, which are relatively easy to flush using their primer. The only downside to solid carbon filters is they’re very easy to crack while being shipped.

EDIT: Looking at reviews for the filter itself, it looks like it doesn’t support flushing, so once the filter is fully saturated with contaminants it has to be replaced.

Chatted with Alexapure and they won’t honor warranty if purchased from Amazon, etc . They have contracts with certain dealers and honor those warranties only (There is a 45 day no questions asked return policy, and then we generally replace broken or defective parts for a year). So it would be up to Woot to refund if there is a problem.

Worst poison in Los Angeles water is the toxic fluoride the our crazy governor authorized. Almost impossible to filter out this rat poison. This filter fails.

90 day woot warranty.
I’ve read the independent lab test results and it seems to be a very effective filter, on par with Berkey and others.

The test results indicate it removes 95%+ fluorination chemicals. Hard to call that a fail.

I highly recommend this filter; I got one the last time around on Woot and have been very pleased with the performance; the water is perfectly clear with no dissolved solids per electronic tester. I did buy a spare filter from Amazon, so with the unit and an extra filter I was out two hundred dollars, which is about five months of delivered Arrowhead water (approximately one hundred gallons). Do the math. I also splurged for a sight level spigot, but it isn’t necessary.

Very highly recommended, especially at this price.

Somebody already beat you to that quip, 0j0hn. But it never gets old.

Am trying to purchase on Brads Deals and it says $100 shipped but shipping was added to cart and need coupon code or something to get the shipping removed?

I can only find it from Amazon for $97 for one filter.

I have Lifestraw Family. Only the Lifestraw Family and Mission are the purifiers, with .02 micron filtering, that filter out viruses, bacteria, protozoa, but not chemicals, metals.

No, but it is Mac Compatible!

$100 filter for 5000 gallons is $.02/gal. Pretty reasonable, depending on what you’re switching from. I can’t install an RO unit in my current workspace so this should do the trick

Sorry, but no - bought a Berkey earlier this year and its black filters last up to 6,000 gallons while the white filters that extract fluoride last 1,000 gallons.

The Berkey is a water purifiering system and this says the Alexapure is a filtration system. There is a huge difference between purification and filtration. I’m hoping this was misdescribed because it would be awesome to get a purifier for this price.

Depends on how many Berkey filters you’re using. Each one is good for 3000 gallons if properly flushed every 3 months.

Here’s a cheaper alternative at Amazon.
Camping Water Purifier - 50% More Filtration Capacity Than Lifestraw Personal Filter - The Best Purification at 0.01 Microns - Portable Water Filter with Bottle Attachment for Hiking/Prepping/Survival
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Offers the broadest protection of any portable water filter. Self-cleaning mesh, no cleaning or backwashing needed.
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Is there a link to purchase online?