Alienware Quad-Core i7 Gaming Laptop

Can this thing run solitaire?

Anything Alienware is a great deal… especially if you compare it to other makes and models!!

Great deal but I dont have this kind of money :frowning: , i really want it though

Has anyone had any experience with Alienware since Dell bought them out?

I am kind of weary of Dell…

Though, I don’t have the money for this, so… kinda off-topic.

well… this looks like all sorts of awesome.

Sweet!! Can I trade in my car??

Does this play minesweeper?

I have to disagree. With Alienware computers, you’re paying for a name. There are usually much cheaper options that offer the same or better performance. For example, the ASUS G75VW-AS71 has hardware superior in most aspects to the laptop being offered here and can be found new on Amazon for $1,349.

I WANT IT but same here I’m spent… wasted all my money on bacon.

Well, the only problem with alienware is that they charge you four times the amount for the parts that they used in the computer (but for a laptop its different). You could build a computer with the same specs that a alienware has for at least half of the price. FYI.

2.2Ghz is rather low for a gaming rig. I know it’s an i7 with hyperthreading so it’s like (4x2)cores at 2.2Ghz, but still.

The quality in the Dell version Alienware laptops is still outstanding. I gave up my Apple laptops due to not being able to afford an upgrade every year and a half or so. Since then I’ve owned both a m11x and m14x because I prefer a smaller laptop and they are great. I use them mainly for mobile gaming but I did use the m14x for about 4 months as my only computer.

Well all alienware laptops are great, however they overcharge you by a lot. Frankly this computer is way underpowered for the hefty price.

Have to disagree with you - that Asus you found is a smaller screen, less battery, and - MOST IMPORTANT - no RAID for the HDDs! Huge performance hit. And they’re Hybrid (part SSD) drives at that.

Is this the most expensive item ever sold on woot?

This is going to be fun reading all the gamer comments.I will be back in the morning for all the opinions. By the way I don’t know a thing about gaming but I love when people argue

This is a bad deal. My ASUS has basically the same hardware, minus a little on the screen size and only one hard disk, for half the cost and what appears to be half the size of this laptop. This is literally a desktop replacement lol. They also typically rank higher than Dell, which as I understand it owns Alienware, in customer satisfaction, etc.

This isn’t an advert for said computer manufacturer, just saying that in my experience and opinion, this isn’t a deal. Your paying for shiny LED lights and that little alien logo.

EDIT: I take that back, this is a deal, relative to Alienware; but you can get a computer with similar performance for much, much less.

The number behind the Ghz doesn’t mean a whole lot. It scores HIGHER than the universally recommended i5-2500k. More then enough for gaming. Please don’t mislead people who might think of buying this laptop. Thanks.

Will the battery last long enough for Windows to boot up?