Altec Lansing iMT630 Sound Dock

Does anyone know how this stacks up against that other portable altec ipod dock that woot had during the woot off?

Get it quick, before Apple changes the iPhone dock connector rendering this dock useless! :-\

To what extent will this work, including the remote, with an android based phone? (Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II)


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Seriously, is there such a thing as an Android Sound Dock? Or an other-than-Apple-Device docking speaker system? I’m not a hater, I’m just a n00b who wants to amplify the sweet tunes on my smart phone. Help me out here people.

Philips and iHome both make Android speaker/clock docks…I’m sure there are more companies that do- that’s just two I have seen.

I think the lack of consistency between manufacturers, the connectors, and size makes that a bit harder.

There is a standard connector and this one says it includes it: “Auxiliary input connects other audio devices with a 3.5mm plug”. You just won’t be able to control your device with the remote.

But 2 inch drivers? Deep bass? I’m skeptical.

I bet Neil Young would sound great on this!



Anyways, Here is the manual for this thing

As always uploaded to GoogleDocs for easy viewing!

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Reviews are exactly mixed. One important comment was this: compared to the 620 (which I’ve seen on woot several times) this lacks a few features, prime among them, radio.

I bought another Altec (more expensive) at woot last time because I wanted the portability of the lithium battery. However, after just 1 use, the unit doesn’t recharge itself. Very disappointed!!

I have the 620 and it kicks ass. Nice full sound, and I never thought I’d use the remote but I do when I use the device in my home office. I like it enough that I’m sorely tempted to get this for my gf, as she is envious of the sound and remote as compared to her docking philips sound station.

Did you check the warranty? Most of our Altec stuff is new with a warranty. You should contact them.

I too have the 620 and I love it. I used to use the remote, but, um, maybe I can’t find it anymore? so the remote storage feature on the 630 would be helpful for me. :slight_smile: This is considerably cheaper than the 620 and I’m thinking about it; I haul the other one all over the house, all day, and it would be really nice to have a second one so I wasn’t hauling it up-and-down stairs, at least. Or trying to figure out the last place that I left it. (No, keeping track of stuff is not my forté!)

Does anyone have any experience comparing the sound quality to the 620? And has the 620 shown up in woot-offs lately? It’s been a few months since I’ve seen one; wish I’d gotten one then!

Here is a review from Macworld It got 4 out of 5… mice? really? Anyways, it’s a solid review and does a great job explaining the pros and the cons of this device.
Anways, let’s call them Stars. 4/5 stars from macworld.

Makes more sense to me than this video from Haans Krautzvik
Video does serve purpose of showing off it’s size, so maybe skim through it if you want.

Thanks, CowboyDann; I think this review just convinced me.

It’s mice because even the rating system for a MacRelated product has to be proprietary. :slight_smile:

Does this charge the iPhone/iPod/iTouch unit when plugged in or only recharge the speaker battery?

Will this work with an iPod Classic? I have an ancient A-L travel speaker set and it’s great, but definitely showing its age.