Aluminum Flashlight with 3-Watt Cree LED - 2 Pack

Who wanted the satchel of suck anyways?

Again thanks to Woot’s Junk servers I did not get a B O C.

I’m okay not getting a BOC, can you put up the speaker stands though? I always seem to miss them, and actually need them.

Is it just me or did that Bag of Crap last forever? I loaded like 4 times and there were still quantities left.

AAARRRGH!! I forgot to log in and when the BOC came up…too late. Oh well.

Argh, 6 years wooting and still no BoC. I am doomed to a BoC-less life.

Closet I have gotten. Just couldn’t get to the ridiculously large button to buy. Oh well.

Again thanks to Woot’s Junk servers I did not get a B O C.

wow, I looked at the BoC forever but nothing happened when I clicked the IWO button.


Damnit Woot, your SSL server sucks! I’ve missed SO MANY bags of crap because the thing keeps resetting when I’m in the middle of an order!

And the worst part is, the SSL server resets when there is still plenty of yellow bar left on the main woot page, but the next time I click the buy button, the server keeps crashing! Do you know how infuriating this is?!

gl selling any of this other garbage woot

Wooo -whooo!

I’m 0 for two years of trying. Yeah.

But thank you, I can has a flashlight. Unlike the half dozen already offered.

There better be a real cool monkey in my future.

Second Basket of Chicharones!!

Hopefully all the stuff isn’t broken this time.

GRRRR! It was asking me for my billing info, then timed out when I submitted it… Damn you Woot, you owe me a b a g o ’ c r a p.

There may have been quantities (large quantities), but it also might have just lasted that long because the servers were locked up. I for one re-loaded a bunch of times, and never got past the page where I could click on “I want one,” and it never went past that. :frowning:
I don’t know why I care, because the two bags I did get were so bad I had to donate the stuff directly to Goodwill, and they probably threw it away.


sick to my stomach LOL I refreshed as soon as the last one was over… I hit “I want one” and my page froze at the order page and it’s still hanging there. UGHHHHHHH!

My order is still processing for the bag of crap. Not sure if it already reserved me one or will tell me it’s sold out.

Well thanks WOOT! I watch this thing for nearly 48 hours…and you do this while I sit here at work on a mediocre connection.

I tried hitting it the second it shows up (on both my iPhone and the work system…and NOTHING…just crashing server messages and grinding loading.


LOL, ok…feel slightly better.