Anyone getting charged for shipping as a Prime member?

Yep. I’m getting charged for any and all attempts at ordering. The app is super buggy and I’m about to just delete it and quit woot altogether.

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Hi there. Look for the “Use this address” button under your address. Click/tap that and the order page will finish loading to remove the shipping.

I had the same problem and I, too, did not order things I was interested in because of that. I just tested it and the “use this address” click worked. That said, it might be in Woot’s best interest to figure out why this is happening and correct it so as not to lose these sales. But I guess it saved me some money in the long run.

Unfortunately, Amazon owns the “Login by Amazon” widget so there’s nothing we can do.


Stage a coup and take control of Amazon?


What about @wajeremy? Couldn’t someone add that to his to-do pile?

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There was a Foxtrot comic where Roger had a huge stack of files/papers in front of him, and he complained to Fred (his coworker) that he was absolutely dead because of his workload.

Fred advised him to make a to-do list, to help get organized.

When Roger told Fred that that WAS his to-do list, Fred agreed that he (Roger) was dead.

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They probably will. I do own all the problems.


Hey. I ordered dark roast peanut butter and they’ve sent light roast twice. Fix that please?

Are you the one who broke my couch? If so, please send me another. I need it.

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Sorry. I blame the Chipotle.