Anyone getting charged for shipping as a Prime member?

It seems like any attempted purchase from the Wootoff, shipping is being charged. I tested it out in the last three items. So for all three is charging me $6 for shipping. I ended up cancelling one order due to that.

It was fine a few minutes ago before the Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray.


I have seen this happen if I sign in to my old woot account and not the amazon login. Sometimes I swear the sign in glitches but I can’t really back that up with steps to recreate, I probably do something wrong in my rush to check out, IDK. It will charge me shipping and have an old expired credit card so I get overcharged but cant checkout anyway.

If you contact CS and show that you are logging in with Prime, they can (and will) refund the difference.

If you complain more, I hear that they’ll also refund corresponding tax which should otherwise not have been charged.

Just made a purchase and no shipping was charged.

I haven’t had an issue with it.

But, I will say that when I go to the checkout page (with payment and shipping info), sometimes it initially loads with the shipping charge, then if u wait like 5 seconds or so, it updates and removes the shipping charge.

The only thing I can guess that might be happening is you are going to the checkout page and immediately hitting buy before it gets a chance to update the shipping charge, but im not certain.

Pardon me if I am breaking some protocol, but I am not willing to reading dozens of threads and how-to just to get shipping & handling info. Not a prime member. Saw $6.00 mentioned above. Is that per item, or order? Thinking some of these “bargains” will loose their appeal if the s&h is going to fleece me.
No, it’s not in the FAQ section, as it should be.
Anyone know how second-class (non prime) folks are charged? I don’t want to wait an be surprised at check-out
Thanks Wooters.

No prime = $6 per order unless it’s a special event where they’ll advertise $6 ships all day.

I am a Prime member. I made two purchases from Woot so far, and was charged shipping for both. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this.
Thank you!
Leo Francis Coady
of Philadelphia

When you’re on the payment screen and it shows your address is there a line that asks if it’s your preferred address? I can’t remember exactly what it says. Anyway, click that and wait for it to reload. The shipping charges should go away. It’s Amazon verifying you’re a prime member (redundant, but its Amazon).


I made contact with customer service. Hoping for a refund. Thank you for your input! I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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Like @pepper114 said, if *you’re logged in with Amazon Prime and it still shows the shipping charge, click on the address or pmt button, then ok (you don’t need to change anything) and it forces it to reload and takes off the shipping.

Also, make sure your app is up to date. Since the last update it rarely happens to me anymore.

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Here’s a few things to try:

  • Log out of Woot and log in using the Login with Amazon button
  • On the checkout page, check “use this address”
  • If you are using Microsoft Edge, switch to Chrome or FireFox
  • Clear cookies for Amazon & Woot
  • Allow cookies from Amazon & Woot
  • Allow pop-ups; turn off pop-up blockers
  • Log out and back in on Amazon, especially if you’ve changed anything there (e.g. cards, email, etc.)
  • Try an incognito or private mode in your browser

If those don’t work, let me know the following information:

  • App or Desktop?
  • Device & OS/Version
  • Browser & version
  • Exactly what is happening and when it happens.

Absolutely… and just when I think it’s sorted.
Bam!!! Charged again.
I think the Wooters just enjoy my annoying emails and!!!
They do refund!!!

Yes. I was going to order two of them, then I decided to not order because of the shipping, but went ahead and bought one anyway. I placed the order but it completely disappeared from existence. I have no idea where that order went.

Hi there. You can check your order history (Stuff You Bought) to see if the order when through. That said, I don’t see an order on this account for today.

As to the charge, see my suggestions above.

Yes I was, but contacted customer service and they refunded me

Yes this worked for me as well! Stupid!

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I am amazon prime member and I’ve logged in using amazon prime account. Shipping is NOT for free as advertised. Why is it so difficult for woot to fix this issue?

Look up for things to try. Likely there’s a box asking you to verify the addressir payment. In e you do that, the shipping will be deducted.