Apple 32GB or 64GB iPad 3rd Gen

**Item: **Apple 32GB or 64GB iPad 3rd Gen
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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6/7/2013 - $399.99-449.99 - 57 comment(s)

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14 great reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at

Good reviews on the 16G

I love my 3rd gen iPad, has the newer Retina display but I can use it with all the old (and now much cheaper) 30 pin accessories.
Plus it is 60+ bucks cheaper than what apple is selling it for!

Read (and watch) this “outstanding” review over at

What condition are these in? The returned ones from Apple have a brand new casing. I just want to know if these are scuffed up or the cases have been replaced… Anyone order one when they were on woot a couple of days ago?

Warranty is WOOT 90 day limited - which means NOT Apple warranty which is or would be 1 year.

Also of note is that Apple puts a NEW battery and rear case in their refurbs… That is a big deal to consider…

Can’t speak for everyone, but I ordered one last time and it looked brand new… In box with accessories and plastic sheet over screen. Back (aluminum) looked perfect. Indistinguishable from new.

Do you know in fact that these batteries have not been replaced ?

The only thing better than an iPad 3 is an iPad 4. I’d recommend jumping on this immediately, getting the Zagg ivisihield for the front and back ($50) and an awesome Dodocase from eBay for maybe $30.

It is not apple refurbished so i would say No if it was warranty would be through them I am weary about any refurbs that dont state who did the refurb most likely just a turn on and wipe down in some cases they dont even turn them on hence doa .Refurbished items by manufacturer go through a check list more vigorous than new .new items are pulled by random from assembly line maybe 1 in a 100 to check refurbished items are supposed to go through a complete check list of all functions that is why you see a 90 day woot instead of a 1 year also woot has refused to take a return from me on a scratched up itouch I bought that was “refurbished product” stating on the phone to me no returns for cosmetic reasons,My reply was well if it is refurbed it should look as new apple would never sell this a refurb item they sid it is not an apple refurb it is from a 3rd party so my advice to you is if you buy it
1- square trade warranty
2- check every feature and I mean every feature every keyboard key after you receive it good luck

32G Wifi 3rd Gen iPad over at Apple refurb is $469, so this is not a bad deal. Don’t know whether the Apple warranty applies, but SquareTrade has good warranties.