Apple HomePod Speaker with Siri



Apple HomePod Speaker with Siri


Y’know, if they made it look like a yellow lego head I might actually buy it

Except instead of saying “Siri” you would say “Emmet”… That would be Aw3som3!
You could also put Lucy’s hair on the head and say “Lucy”
Or Batman’s cowl? on and say “Batman”
But the best possibility of course would be to put the space helmet on the head and then yell “SPACESHIP” instead of “Siri”

It would be similar to Waze where you can have Morgan Freeman as your navigator


Is it refurbished from Apple?


They never are. But woot usually offers a one year warranty so there’s that.


Looks like this has a 90 day warranty.


I have an Amazon tap, home, and echo (1st gen), a Google mini as well as the HomePod. The sound quality from the HomePod is much better than any of these and can pick up the ‘hey siri’ over the music easier than the others at higher volume levels.

I can control (most) devices as I can with the others. The one thing that irks me the most is I can say “Alexa, turn on the Apple TV” (via Logitech Harmony hub) and it works fine. HomePod… “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do that”. WTF :slight_smile:


“They,” referring to the HomePod… or to Apple products sold by Woot? Because yesterday Woot sold Apple Recertified ipad Pros with the Apple 1-year warranty.

Having said that, Woot would loudly toot this HomePod being Apple recertified if that were the case. “90 day Woot Warranty” is the giveaway the “refurb” was not by Apple.


I’ve heard the Apple HomePod and it does make wonderful music. It isn’t fair to compare Amazon Dots and Google Home Minis for sound quality since it is in an entirely different class.

We use Apple mobile devices but our home smart speakers are Amazon Alexa and Google Home (about to unplug Google due to it being inferior to Alexa).

We wish Apple Siri in the home were as mature as (admittedly not perfect) Alexa. It doesn’t help Siri in the home that Apple doesn’t even play in the Dot/Mini market.

If this were Apple Recertified with the Apple 1-year warranty we’d be very tempted to buy it at this still steep but more down to earth price.


Hello. No, these are refurbished by a 3rd party.


Bought one when Woot had them back in the Fall, for $269. Came perfect. The bespoke packaging made me think it might actually have been Apple refurbished. You don’t usually get the original box in a refurb.

If you have one, two will sound even more amazing. Tempted to get a 3rd for the kitchen.


Dude, what color is the sky in your world?!?


giant mistake for apple to overprice this. they need to be like gillette and give you the handle so you always have to buy their blades…

it’s not about selling toys it’s about streaming content and gathering info.


Plaid Polka dot of course…


Using Siri shortcuts and IFTTT, you can turn on your TV via Harmony Hub. I’m doing it now.


Wow. That’s a big preview. Sorry folks.

Google Siri Shortcuts and Harmony Hub for other options to do this.