Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablets

Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11" Tablets

able to purchase applecare for this model? doesn’t look like it was refurbished by apple . can woot clarify?


Negative. AppleCare is not available for these devices. I purchased the 256gb 11” wifi+cellular model from woot back in November (for $701, I might add, much cheaper than this deal) and when I ran the serial number to check it came back “ineligible.” I assume it is because they were refurbished by a third party but never got a straight answer.


How would you describe condition of iPad when you received it? I have purchased refurbs from Woot before and they were in less than desirable condition.

Hey N, sorry for the delay.
I was actually shocked at how flawless it was. I looked over every inch for 20 minutes and couldn’t find a single flaw. Even the USB-C port showed no signs of use. When I connected it my MacBook and ran a diagnostic via third party app the battery came back 100% so I’m not sure if it was barely used or they replaced the battery before shipping. Honestly it looked as good as a refurbed Mac I bought directly from Apple a couple years before. Since then it’s worked great, the only glitch being sometimes it flips to horizontal orientation on its own despite being held in vertical position when I first wake it but a quick wrist flip fixes that. I researched it and aparently this is a common problem across the line so I don’t attribute that to the refurb process.
All in all ive been extremely happy with it and woot.