Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Answer to Verizon Question:

This is a Verizon phone that is unlocked for most GSM carriers.


Any estimation of condition to expect or is it a crapvent shoot ? Usually refurb iphones rated Excellent, Good, Acceptable, Parts. Assuming its better than Parts based on description but that still leaves a lot of leeway. Thanks.

It’s in the drop down.

Actually they did this because they were legally compelled by the FCC. As part of the C-block spectrum auction they had to unlock the phone as the winner of that auction. But you’re also right, there are other benefits like customer retention and lucrative roaming fees.

I will take a Glenaire IMTS unit any day.

Will this phone work with the Sprint network?

And so is including complete information in the description. Just like some other posters stated, it might work on GSM, but not LTE/Data. I just ported a Samsung S7 edge SM-935P to Tmo. It worked fine on GSM, but highspeed data was another issue. It was not the “special edition” and even though I spent a few hours of my life I will never get back working with Sprint accounts and International services to ENSURE all bands were unlocked, it would not work on TMUS’s LTE network in my area. So, I just picked up a "refurbished S7 edge). Now the wifes Nexus 5x from Google works on all bands for CDMA/GSM/LTE So with that said, reading is one thing, but having complete info to read is another. :wink:

I’ve had great luck with all refurb’d purchases off of Woot.

My 6s was brand-new, but it serves me well and has been the best phone I’ve ever had (previously owned 2 iPhones and 3 Androids).

Yes, it will “Print” to your home printer and if you have a HP, HP ePrint works when you are not home but want to print something to your printer… Oh, You meant Sprint. If we knew what bands this phone works on, it would be easy to answer. My best guess is NO. Sprint is just funny that way.


If you need to check the bands, location of where these bands are, this is a good place to check Notice that NONE of the iPHones support the 600mhz band yet. Then again, not many do yet.

Not all bands are up in all areas of the U.S. What might work in Detroit on LTE might not be the same in Dallas. What I learned when getting a phone for TMUS, I got a SM935T, that way I knew it supported all it’s bands and most LTE bands overseas. A phone that is unlocked by verizon more then likely means it will work on big reds LTE network, but GSM everywhere else. IT’s not the same as universally unlocked phone which works on all bands. Reminds me of looking at laptops for one of my kids for xmas. Just because it says the screen supports HD or HD+ didn’t mean anything because they all seem to top out at 1600x900 but I found one with the same HD/HD+ statement but said FULL HD and it supports 1920 x 1080. BIG difference. Without knowing the exact model of the phone, it’s hard to say where it will work and how.

I contacted sprint directly, they stated as long as the phone is “unlocked” they can activate.

This will be my second 6s from Woot. I just gave the first one to my daughter who had her fone stolen while she was doing volunteer work.

I had it, along with my other fone, serviced by Consumer Cellular. Excellent service, excellent prices, and totally straight forward. Take a look at them. consumercellulardotcom

I would ask them to provide you with some kind of proof that it will support all of Sprints bands/frequencies. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see that the 6x is not listed as VERIZON, which makes me wonder if they told you it would work w/o any issues not knowing it was a VERIZON edition phone. I’d be very careful here. You can call 3 different Sprint CSR’s and get 3 different answer. Just saying. You stand a better chance of it working on big reds network, AT&T or TMUS then Sprints.

Agreed - both my grand daughters are i phone freaks yet have no clue. I asked them why & all they could tell me was “all” their friends had one. All iphones cost a fortune, have no memory unless you pay thru the nose, can’t add more memory (memory cards) have to use Apple buds ( iphone 7 up) & itunes sucks for phone mgt. Other than than no problems. I just got the Lenova ( from Lenovo) for $150 for the Phab 2 with a 6.4" screen and the latest Google 3d app and Android 6.

You do realize all iphone 7s come with an adapter to user any wired headphones you want. And the the big players are getting away from the sony jack.

I might not like it, but please stop spreading your misinformation.

As someone who worked for Microsoft, ATT, and now Apple, i do not like a lot of stuff any of the companies do. But try and call tech support with Apple, you will not get someone in India… If you can get someone on the phone at all.

Oddly enough Lenovo sells the phone for 499 on their website. So you got in from a carrier with a subsidized deal. Or please post the link so we can all take advantage on it.

I’m with the iPeople…yes, they’re outrageously expensive, but that’s why I buy the old model that they’re trying to get rid of or woot! deals.


  • MUCH less shifty app store
  • less malware
  • FaceTime is FREE on wifi for all those overseas friends and relations (and don’t give me grief like Skype)
    -iMessage is FREE on wifi…see above and I use a good encrypted app for those Android fans…(No, NOT WhatsApp or anything remotely to do with Zuckerberg)
  • podcasts! More and less frustrating to get to!
  • Monument Valley (oh, I know it’s for everyone now, but the iOS app options are IMHO better, less diluted and more rigorous about limiting stupid permissions.
  • NOT open-source code (see Malware and hacking).

But, yes. Too overpriced as new!

I do the same. Whenever the new iPhones come out there are a lot of people who sell their old phones at low prices. I just recently upgraded my iPhone 5s to one with 64GB of RAM. It suits my needs quite well.

More 64GB in Stock

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Will this work on virgin usa network?