Apple iPhone XR (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple iPhone XR (Your Choice) (S&D)

I own this two gen old phone, the iPhone XR. And like it very much. The only thing I miss vs the next gen mainstream iPhone, the iPhone 11, is photo night mode but that isn’t a big deal.

Note the case and screen sizes of the iPhone XR, 11, and 12 are virtually identical.

As to storage size, many mainstream users will not have a problem with 64GB. I have the 128GB and have plenty of space free, but I keep a lot of photos and videos on the phone and in original resolution. Turning on “Optimize Photos” saves a ton of space since it only keeps thumbnails on your phone and downloads the original from iCloud when you open a photo. In my case iOS tells me it would save 42GB of storage! (And fit in 64GB). Look at the amount of space you are actually using on your current phone.

As to pricing, the $310/400 (64/128GB) Woot price with 90-day Woot warranty compares favorably (at least the 64GB model) to $499/549 with 1-year Apple warranty since Apple still sells the iPhone XR brand new. Interesting Woot puts a $90 premium on the 128GB model vs the 64GB model vs Apple’s $50 premium, perhaps reflecting folks’ perception they need the 128GB storage.

Heavy smartphone users will start to feel an aging battery as it breaks 90%. (My iPhone XR is at 93% after 1-1/2 years use and I can feel the slightly shorter duration.). So if this Woot phone happens to have a battery with 90% or lower Battery Health and you’re a heavy phone user, budget a proper battery replacement by Apple for $69.

When you first receive any used iPhone, charge it up and check “Battery Health” under Settings/Battery. And go to an Apple store to ask them to run full diagnostics on the phone and check for water damage. (The iPhone XR does have basic water resistance.)


This is great, accurate info.
Thanks! Everyone should include the battery info for any used device with an internal battery. This includes headphones, speakers, laptops. Budget for a new battery!
:+1: Edit: buying a cheap $20 20,000 mah external bat is a good idea to have too. I run a VPN so it sucks power.

It’s stated in the gold box in the features.