Apple iPhone XR (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple iPhone XR (Your Choice) (S&D)

Great phone - Iā€™m currently using one.

  • Two gens back from the current latest iPhone 12.

  • The iPhone XR, 11, and 12 have the same 6.1 screen size.

  • The only thing I sometimes miss vs the iPhone 11 is night mode for the camera. But not a big deal.

Reference pricing since Apple still sells the iPhone XR,
new, direct, and with 1-year Apple warranty vs this Woot, used with 90-day warranty:

64 GB $499 new vs $310 here.
128 GB $549 new vs $360 here.

Look at the storage actually used on your current phone. You might find 64GB is perfectly fine if you have ā€œOptimize Photosā€ turned on. Optimize Photos keeps a thumbnail of your photos and videos on the phone and downloads the original resolution when you open the photo/video. (I do not have it on, but it tells me I could save 45GB if I did turn it on.)


Did Apple make a XR MAX like the XS MAX?

No. But note the iPhone XR screen size (6.1ā€) is actually in between the iPhone XS (5.8ā€) and iPhone XS Max (6.5ā€)

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