Apple Lightning Cables & EarPods

so are the usb power adapter plugs not included? i.e. is this only the two cables?


Correct, it is cables only.

I ordered two of these cables in a previous event. Keep getting an error that they “aren’t certified” and then they stop working. Waste of money, in my opinion.

see… ive seen these here a couple of times and the ‘bulk packaging’ hinted that theyre fake but the staff were always like no they are genuine they just dont have the expensive white boxes

I got a cable from a sales event for one cable about two weeks ago and it has never given me a “non-certified” message.

Woot should not sell these sync\charge cable as there are not Certify by Apple and where in the Apple model number? I have several cables of this kind and the are not genuine. My theory is that they mix the real one up woth counterfeit (90%fake and 10%real) or some kind of %age thereof. All of the cables that I bought that don’t have the retail box from 3rd party after upgrading the firmware will not charge anymore. You are warn!

was happy to receive the 2 cords, one broke only a week later. very dissapointed

These are cheap Chinese knock-offs that sell for $0.99 on eBay. They aren’t ‘by Apple’. Very mis-leading. Very disappointed with Woot.