Arrow Sheds

Hey all, since this is a new item for us, just want to point out a couple things:

• Products are shipped LTL carrier with curbside service. Customers will need to provide phone number so delivery can be scheduled.

• Any arrangements for additional delivery services (i.e. having the shed placed in a specific location) can be arranged at the time of the delivery call for an additional fee.

• As with most shed kits, these don’t include a floor. You can order one directly from Arrow or DIY.

Does a shed come in a single big box or a bunch of boxes? How big is/are the box(s)?

The shed that came with my house is held together with rust and frankly, I’m surprised that Hurricane Sandy didn’t implode it. So seeing this offering with these prices is exciting.

They dome in a flat box. think of a box thats 3ft wide, 6ft tall and maybe a foot thick. weighing around 300 lbs. also comes with about 1000000 screws to put it together. i bought one of these a few years ago and will never again. would rather build a wood frame one next time. be prepared to spend a full day putting it together lol

I would recommend a vinyl shed. It will never rust and much easier to put together. I have one at my house.

I want to order a shed, but there is no mention of the cost of shipping & handling. Any idea on what this would be since it is LTL carrier?

Shipping is always $5 on Woot. We’re just plain stupid sometimes but there it is. $5 for you all day until midnight CT.

A week too late there woot. I bought a plastic shed last week, a 8x10 from hd for $750. Could of saved a lot of $$ if you guys had this out last week. Oh well…so woot, when are you going to sell decks??? I’ll be in for one!

seems like alot of upgrades are available on amazon for these. I noticed kits to finish the floor, anchor it, and shelving.

Actual deal on any given shed varies. The 6x8 shed is regularly $348 at Menard’s locations and I’m sure with some regional variance. Woot ships for cheaper.

These types of sheds are ultimately only good if you just want something cheap for its size and have no interest in longevity.

Whenever longevity is desired, a wood framed and properly built shed is always the best choice.

Is shipping on these the standard $5?

yes, just 5.

These shed kits are made in the USA, in Breese, Illinois, and use good coated steel. You can’t say that with a lot of the other offerings out there.

Keep any scratched areas painted and they’ll last a long, long time.

Do these sheds offer shelving to place against the walls?

As noted above, they’re just the bare shed. Flooring, shelves, anchors, etc. are not included but they can be found on Amazon etc.

AAHHH, stupid HOA rules. They won’t even consider any sheds that are not wood sided/shingled and painted to match the house. Not that ANYTHING in my back yard can be seen from the street anyway…

Seems like a good price on the sheds though. I was looking at the 10 x 12 and pricing compares very favorably with the current offerings at local home stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s).

does anybody know what gage is the steel? basically, if I look at it the wrong way, will it dent???

I’m pretty sure you can order them separately on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or directly from Arrow…

yep, lay a broom on it wrong and it will dent. i would say 22ga maybe 25

I have two of these sheds that have lasted for years in my back yard. They do have a lot of screws to put them together, but it really just took a couple hours in an afternoon between me and my husband. I haven’t done any price comparisons yet, but if they are good deals I will definitely be in for at least one. We are currently look for a new additional shed.