Artist Spotlight: Tobe Fonseca

I love this design so much, and if it was AA I’d buy three, but I’m buying one and hoping it isn’t as crappy as the last shirt I bought from you. Great design, horrible shirt stock but taking a chance anyway. sigh Will probably regret it.

No, changed my mind. Hate the shirt stock too much to make a purchase. Damn shame.

Please make the “Enlightenment” design a hoodie. Please.

They have a few AA shirts right now in the Valentine’s Day side sale(the pink shirts) and the Eggplant tees and True Love side sale(the purple shirts). Check it out, if you haven’t already!

I totally agree with your post. There are at least 3 designs I want, and would buy on AA so fast, but I can’t bring myself to order any more of those terrible(imo, of course) anvil shirts. I’ve bought and regretted buying too many anvils.

Last one… (woot, you’re killing me here with so many shirts I want!)
Yep, I’m late* asking this time around (ultrabusy week), but… could I ask for the design sizes of the following please?
Also, will they be screenprinted?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

  • this one has a few more days, so please answer the others first :slight_smile:

Whether or not they’ll be screen printed depends on how many they sell over the course of the sale, so I can’t answer that right now. I’ll post those design sizes when I get back to work tomorrow. =^_^=

love the tv reading the “how to be better than the book!”
But, i’m most comfy in a woman’s 2xL so I can no longer wear ur shirts! lucky for 3xl men!aby chance u’ll start makimg 2xl for women?

perhaps I’m just a noob but what is “AA” and “Anvil”?

American Apparel and Anvil brand tees. :slight_smile:

Pleeeaaase reprint. Saw this shirt YEARS ago and loved it. Missed it this time around cause no money.