Audiosource Sound pOp Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If you’re only in the market for one, and have Amazon Prime, it makes sense to head over there. I picked one up for 26 bucks, and will get it today. Hopefully I can report on sound quality later on.

Great for stocking stuffers.
I bought three of these yesterday.
The cost breakdown (compared to Amazon) looked like this…

Woot: $69.84
3 x 19.99 + 9.87 (tax/shipping)

Amazon Prime: $85.20
3 x 26.42 + 5.94 (tax only)

Woot saved me $15.

Overall good reviews on Amazon.

They have pretty decent sound. They pair well - I have them able to automatically pair with 3 devices so far and it’s fast and the “pop” sound let’s you know when it’s done. Having the suction cup has actually been more useful than I originally thought. Although it’s not a super clean sound it’s loud enough for hearing over the shower noise or across the garage into the driveway. Overall, for the money - I think it’s an excellent value.

Or, for less, you could get the “Rebel Speaker - Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone” which looks identical, and will ship by the end of the month from a company’s Indiegogo project…

The reviews look happy.

Getting close… just can’t decide whether our daughters would give that ever-so-subtle (polite) look when dad gives them another gadget for Christmas. ;-D

…and what’s up with no yellow or green? Something with this odd shape begs for intense colors to fend of the why does it look like that questions! Just because.

That Morrison guy is pretty clever. Well-executed plan, with well done how it works video. And clearly he didn’t need Indiegogo funding, asking for only $1,000 (“for the product packaging”) - he used it to promote the devices.

Agree… I just saw it on QVC under this name, PopRock MiniBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker, where it comes with a charging cord, coordinated gift box and discounts for additional orders. You can also see it demonstrated and the reviews are good, commenting on good sound quality. I wonder who owns what for the various names and lines of this type of device.

For 20 bucks, the sound quality is AMAZING! Its 10x better than what I was expecting. I haven’t tried the mic function yet, but to me you can’t beat it for the price.

These are quite nice. If you own a tablet, the speaker quality is far superior with the POP, I use it on my Latitude 10 Windows 8 tablet as a kickstand\speaker, just slap it onto the back of the tablet.

Will this work with the new Kindle Fire HDX 7"?

Let me just say that I take full responsibility for this event selling out. This past weekend I took my new SoundPop buddy (that’s what I call him) to a party. He was a HUGE hit with the ladies…dancing the night away. Then, after about 6 hours (no lie) his battery died…and the girls were disappointed…and they left. But I was happy because my little buddy lasted 6 hours! Can you do that? I can’t…